images (22)What a bitch. Last week, we had a glimpse of Spring. Longer days, melted snow, the feel of the sun’s warm rays on our white, flaky, wintery skin. It was pure paradise…

Today, it’s -10 plus winchill and 15 centimetres of freshly fallen snow greeted us this morning as we awoke. With another 15 to 20 centimetres on the way later this week, I’m pissed.

This is bullshit.

I’m sick of winter.

Sick of digging for matching mittens in the morning.

Sick of the dog drenching the floor with the snow that she brings in stuck to her almost matted fur.

Sick of scraping the ice off the car in the morning.

Sick of looking at the mess of ski pants and boots cluttering the entryway.

Sick of traipsing through dirty snow to get into the office on time.

Sick of being sick (it’s been a record breaking winter for colds and flus in our house).

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Newfoundlanders call this snowfall Sheila’s Brush because it occurs near St. Patrick’s Day and Sheila was rumoured to be someone close to St. Patrick (probably an angry mistress by the look of the weather today). The legend is that Sheila brushes out the old, cold weather to make room for Spring. So Sheila, put away your freakin’ broom. Time for a vacation.

So piss off, Mother Nature or Sheila or Jack Frost, whoever is responsible for this fiasco. Whatever has your panties in a knot, sort it out. I’m sick of your shit(ty weather).


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