This is your “pep talk you didn’t really ask for but we all need every once in a while”. I needed one today so I’m giving one to you too.

I’m talking about dealing with haters, naysayers and busy bodies who try to suck the sparkle outta your life. I’m highly territorial over my sparkle. When people try to take it I think “This sh*t will not stand. Seriously. Knock it off. My sparkle.”

You know who I’m talking about, the folks who try to rain on your parade like they control the weather in your awesome bubble and they just don’t. They don’t have that power. They only do if you let them. They aren’t the man behind the curtain. They are not the great and powerful Oz. They are haters and they’re inconsequential.

Like Michelle Obama said, WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH. You know why? The people trying to pull you down in the muck are already there below you. Like the old adage says, have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither.

If nothing else, take all the BS and use it as a reminder of:

  • What happens when you lose sight of gratitude
  • Why empathy is so important and why we need to teach it to our kids so they don’t grow up and try to steal other people’s sparkle who are just minding their own business living their lives and doing the best they can
  • Where you are going and where you have been – two things not influenced by the folks in the cheap seats. They are the audience, not the directors. You run this show.

Moths are drawn naturally to the light and eat away at your fabric if left unchecked. Protect your soft heart and wrap yourself in the love of the people on your team. You could swat a bug with the flick of your hand but you have better things to do, my friend.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed – just your own. The people who sling the mud are irrelevant to your journey and they will sink into the accumulation of their own disdain for that which is good, hopeful and valid. You won’t even be able to see them from where you will end up.

Haters will become sign posts on your adventure – remember that time that person said you couldn’t do the hard thing you knew you were born to do? HA! Hysterical. We totally did the hard thing and it was awesome and that sign post marks the spot where they doubted and you will forever live in the spot where they know you can and you showed them you could.

As we well know, glitter sticks to everything. They can’t take your sparkle away unless you give it to them, so don’t hand it over. Clutch your sparkle like your favourite purse and strut on outta there.

Go forth and be awesome.


(This post originally appeared on Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops)


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