In news that should surprise nobody, there’s a lot of predominantly-male hatred aimed at the new Netflix reboot of She-Ra just revealed a couple days ago.

The artist, Noelle Stevenson, has been taking a literal shit-ton of criticism from those who are offended that She-Ra (who incidentally is supposed to be 16 years old) isn’t a stacked, hourglass-figured stone-cold-fox of the classic cisgendered white male eye candy fantasy variety.

Gaybashing and misunderstanding of what feminism is supposed to be aside, the irony is fabulous. All these “men” are mad that a heroine female character for a kids show wasn’t drawn to please their notions of beauty. Which A) is creepy – she’s 16, remember? – and B) stupid. Because hey, (supposedly) grown-ass men, you’re actually NOT the target audience.

Surprise! Not everything is about you.

E for effort on mansplaining to a female artist that her interpretation of a female heroine made for female audiences is wrong, and that you are better qualified to visualize this for females because you are a nerd with social media and a pee-pee. Bonus asshole points for implying that a 16-year-old female’s worth rests solely underneath her nipples, and that to aspire or even appreciate a standard of beauty that is anything otherwise is offensive to you and the rest of the universe.

A female with biceps? Oh my god. How fucking dare she??

Let me buy you guys a clue: 98% of the population doesn’t care what you think because we’re not immature narcissists with fragile masculinity who sit there rating cartoon characters on a scale of 1-10 for fuckability. And we know you’re rating the cartoon characters just because that cartoon character will never tell you in return how unfuckable you are.

Although now that I’ve written this, it’s kind of hilarious to think about.

Needless to say, having to read the opinions you’re giving us that we didn’t ask for was annoying enough. But the smell of your incel-tears lured the exploitationists who are going onto YouTube, making 30 minutes of chimpanzee-screeching rants about a kids show for the views rather than – I don’t know – contribute to the betterment of society in a way that everybody who isn’t a garbage human actually gives a fuck about. And I have to see those everywhere too.

Thanks for making the internet a more pleasant place to hang out.  Go outside and play – the big people are trying to have some conversations.


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