There are childless people out there who insist that they are moms too because they have a dog or a cat, and insist that love is love and it’s exactly the same thing. A fur mom would know! They have never had a kid in their life, and so therefore they are an expert in parenting. Also, we’re the assholes for claiming anything different.

Clearly, we have been doing parenting of our (human) babies wrong all our lives by not treating them the same as a kitten or a puppy. Thank you, fur moms, for showing us the error of our ways. Parenting is so simple now! 


The hubs and I wanted some alone time. I thought I was going to have to cancel when my mother in law said she couldn’t take the kids for the weekend. Then I realised I was being silly! I’ll just leave them at home and put out another few bowls of Kibble and water as I do for Fluffy. They’ll be fine; it’s only two days.

Toilet Training

We’re probably interfering with the natural order of things, teaching kids how to use a toilet. Do you suppose a child is more like cats? Or dogs? If they’re like cats, I should be able to provide him with a box where he can bury his excrement and he’ll figure it out the moment he’s able to get up and walk. Hm, that may not be for 12 months or so. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the dog approach. A couple of laps around the block and he’ll be crapping on the corner in no time flat. Does anyone have a bag? Oh, never mind. He just ate it. Now if only my kid would eat his own shit I could save thousands on diapers and toilet paper!

Sleep Training

My cats were great. They never needed any additional help from me to sleep 22 hours a day. Why kids can’t figure out that they should nap whenever they have a moment so that they can save their energy for the hunt is beyond me.


My kids kept climbing into the bed at night, waking me up at all hours. I tried throwing them back down onto the floor a few times, but they kept climbing back in again and again. Eventually I locked them down in basement with Fido and I was able to get a good night’s rest. Now if I could only teach them to stop scratching at the basement door…. 


Canned food was on sale at Costco! Some for Spot, some for you. Dig in, it says it includes a complete balance of protein and vegetables. It will make your coat shinier.


They’ve got instincts that have taught them everything they need to know. Right? I don’t know WHY I am investigating private school. And piano lessons. And after-school sports. But obedience class…now that is a subject I could get behind.

Teaching Them to Speak

“Ma-ma!” GOOD BOY! Here’s a doggy treat.


My kid was being really naughty, so I locked him in the backyard all day. I left him a bowl of water and chained him to a stake so he couldn’t run away. He totally learned his lesson.


For the love of all that is holy, please tell me that we can leave this category with just the title. No? Fine, $500 reward, call if found. 

Have we made our point? Do you still think that caring for a cat or a dog is exactly like raising a child and deserves the same title and respect of a parent? 

Here’s the thing that truly differentiates us: we are responsible for the next generation of productive, happy, educated members of society. Future doctors, lawyers, artists, bus drivers, programmers and parents. Even future dog walkers. Your pet may be comforting, full of unconditional love (even when you’re acting like an asshole) and his mishaps on Instagram may have thousands of followers but as parents, we are raising unique individuals, not merely fur covered extensions of ourselves. 

I can guarantee you’ve never gotten up in the middle of the night to change vomit-or-pee covered sheets and comfort a pet who was afraid of the dark. You’ve never once had to worry about whether a school is challenging your pet enough intellectually. You’ve never had to put plugs into wall sockets to prevent your pet from accidentally electrocuting itself, or had to teach it that fire can burn it. You’ve never stood in public restroom stall with a pair of shit-encrusted underwear following an accident, debating about whether or not to wash them or throw them away. Or encouraged it to eat its spinach and broccoli. Or taken first aid because you worried about your pet choking to death.

Or any one of the other millions of things that I could spend all day outlining to you that you would have not the first clue about… because you are not a parent.

That’s right. You are not a Mom (or Dad). You’re a pet owner. I’ll even grant you the title “fur mom” as long as those two words never get separated, because trust me, you have not entered our echelon. 

I sincerely love my pets and treat them as valued members of our family but if someone told me that I had to euthanize Fluffy to avoid harm coming to my child, well, Sophie’s Choice it ain’t and I’d be button for the purple juice faster than you can say “Brian Jonestown.” Love them all you want to. That’s a good thing. Baby them. Dress them up. We don’t care. But spare us the righteous indignation about love and being excluded from the mom club, because everyone who has both pets and kids (and therefore can compare the two) will tell you: it is not the same thing.


Three BLUNTmoms fought like steroid-guzzling American Gladiator she-beasts during the joust for the right to write this post, and we settled it with a three-way. ‘Cause the more, the merrier.


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  1. Wah wah wah no one cares how many times you sacrificed, it’s a choice you made no one forced you so don’t expect pity or praise. Love is love and if you knew what love was you would know that

  2. congratulations bitch!!! you can get knocked up and breed!!! oh that makes you totally special. thank you for making me feel like less of a woman because I wasn’t “blessed” with the ability to grow another human. So guess what? My dogs are my kids, you’re damn right!
    the type of pet owner you described is a monster.
    I have gotten up in the middle of the night when my dog has caught a case of diarrhea and shit everywhere b/c he ate something that didn’t agree with his poor stomach, changed piss sheets when he was being housebroken, pulled things out of mouths and holes because he got into something and couldn’t get it out. When it storms, I take the time and sit with them and hold them and play classical music because they’re scared of the loud noises and they feed off my energy, so no matter how scared I may seem, I can’t let them know that because it doesn’t help, I have to be the strong mama I am to let them know that the big bad storm won’t hurt them and they’re safe. I worry every single day that the food I spend tons of money on is healthy enough for them because just like human food, their food has lots of chemicals and isn’t safe or healthy at all, so most times I’m making chicken and rice with vegetables for them because that gives me peace of mind. I spend lots of money and time at the vet w/ them when they’re sick and to make sure they have no diseases or cancer. I spend time socializing them to learn how to behave in the community because God forbid they bite someone or become overly aggressive. They are my responsibility and yes they are a reflection and extension of me, a responsible PARENT.
    When I go on vacation, they come with me, if I absolutely need a break, I do worry if the people I’ve entrusted them to will take excellent care of them, yes I’ve even cancelled vacations when they’re sick, taken off of work, had sleepless nights and or days or if I worry too much that I don’t trust their care givers enough.
    If I leave them alone too long, I can be jailed and they can be taken away from me for neglect. If I abuse them, they can be taken from me and I can be jailed and I look like the asshole who can’t handle responsibility.
    Having a pet is a choice just like having a child. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enforce my choice in having a child so I have my two precious babies. I am proud of my two well rounded and well trained and well behaved dogs, yes they have their dog moments because they are still dogs, but they are my family. I really wanna applaud you for invalidating every woman who is childless not by choice and making us feel like less of a woman you ASSHOLE!!!! How dare you. You are the very woman that I HATE. FUCK YOU!!!!!

    • Loki's Queen Reply

      Thank you Angelica! I ran a rescue until my funds ran out,and I kept my last 3 dogs. I have gone without food to be sure they eat,have spent countless hours day and night in vets offices, and gone without when animals needed medication. I call myself a dog mother and I don’t care who knows!

    • You’ve said everything I wanted to say to this insensitive, arrogant writer. Thank you and God bless!
      – Proud fur mommy

  3. I randomly came across this and felt compelled to comment. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that having a pet is the same thing as having a child, and that both are equally hard or important (and if someone does think that, they’d certainly be in the minority). The thing is, having a kid or having a pet both makes you responsible for another being that relies on you to keep it happy and safe. I’ve been up all night with my sick dog while cleaning up vomit, I’ve not gone on vacation, I cook for him, make sure I go home right after work, take him for walks even when it’s raining, spent thousands on vet care. I have no illusions about the fact that he is not a human child, but owning a pet is a responsibility I take seriously.

    So I think it’s unfair to suggest that (good) pet owners don’t understand love, making sacrifices for and worrying about another being that relies on you.

  4. Wow. There are some strong emotional comments here. I saw this as a humor piece. I must have missed the point. As the mom of a human teen, two dogs, and three cats, I have to say that cats are the easiest, and if I could birth them, I would.
    Hugs and wine all around!

  5. The problem with your post is that is unkind and mean spirited and not at all funny. You might as well leave us fur parents alone. We are not going to stop calling ourselves devoted fur parents just because of your snide remarks and the fact that you don’t like it. If you want to keep igniting world war three keep posting You’re not gonna win though

  6. Not a mom at all Reply

    Wow. I feel like somebody should call animal control on this lady. And you know what they say – the way you treat animals is a reflection of the way you treat humans. Ultimately though, even if the writer is a great mom and fur mom, she cannot possibly be a decent human being because no decent human being goes out of her way to put others down.

  7. Just lost my dog last night Reply

    Last night we said good by to our precious Kayla. She was 12 and unfortunately had a bad heart.
    As I was searching for support, maybe a fur mom support group, this article came up. This is absolutely a horrible thing to say! I have both human & canine children. I love them! This was just a terrible thing to come across and I hope this person isn’t as cold, selfish and heartless as she sounds.

  8. Thank you! Thank you! And thank you! This “fur mommy” nonsense is ridiculous! These people need dolls, not dogs! I’ve had dogs my whole life and my dog has it pretty darned well. I also have four grown children. There is absolutely ZERO comparison between being a mother and owning a pet! What is really outrageous is these dingbats try to hijack Mother’s/Father’s Day! As if!

    • Yes!! How dare they try to share your special day? Damn those pricks. You deserve a medal. No, f*** that! You deserve a Nobel Prize for having the ability to procreate and spend all your time on mommy blogs and posting pictures of your -I’m sure genetically superior and future presidents- children on facebook till your friends want to try seppuku. Because that’s what you been raised to, as a woman and nobody, I say nobody should try to convey the love they profess to those important to them because they may shade and “hijack” the only thing that keeps you making feel remotely special and keeps you going with your little, sad and bitter life: motherhood… “My treasure”much? By Felicia!

  9. A Concerned Parent Reply

    That’s the thing. You’re compelled by your DNA to care for a human, making it harder to be an ass in raising them as compared to caring for a pet. What this post describes is the close-minded opinion of someone who thinks she’s special since she’s birthed a baby.

    Only those who are kind enough to invest as much of their time and love to a pet at the same level as an actual (human) mom or dad can ever understand why people with pets feel that it’s equal.

    There are no hard and fast rules in caring for either one but when you have pets, it’s easier to slack off and not be judged. Those who don’t slack off and actually take the responsibility seriously without anyone’s prodding are actually treating their pets better than a lot of absentee parents.

    …which makes them better suited and prepared for actual parenthood than just those who have been “chosen to bear and raise the next generation.”

    I would rather see the human race go extinct than know that the next generation is being raised by someone like you, bluntmoms.

  10. As a parent and dog owner, I don’t have an issue with this one. IMHO, raising a kid and owning a dog aren’t really comparable. Dogs don’t require a bed to sleep in, home cooked meals, and a lot of other things that kids do. Dogs can be left at home by themselves, and they can be crated or put in another room/outside when company comes over. By all means, love your pets as much as you want, but don’t confuse the too.

  11. I don’t call myself a fur mom, but you’re wrong on many of the statements below. And frankly, I’d NEVER do the things to my dog you seem to think are common place.

    I can guarantee you’ve never gotten up in the middle of the night to change vomit-or-pee covered sheets and comfort a pet who was afraid of the dark.


    You’ve never once had to worry about whether a school is challenging your pet enough intellectually.


    You’ve never had to put plugs into wall sockets to prevent your pet from accidentally electrocuting itself, or had to teach it that fire can burn it.


    You’ve never stood in public restroom stall with a pair of shit-encrusted underwear following an accident, debating about whether or not to wash them or throw them away.


    Or encouraged it to eat its spinach and broccoli.


    Or taken first aid because you worried about your pet choking to death.


    To be completely honest, they way you describe caring for an animal, I hope you never get a pet.

  12. I quote: “we are responsible for the next generation of productive, happy, educated members of society. Future doctors, lawyers, artists, bus drivers, programmers and parents. Even future dog walkers. ”

    Also murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thugs, thieves, and the list goes on. It seems breeders think they will pop the next Einstein. How many breeders are out there thinking this way? LOTS. How many Einsteins are out there? ONE.

    I have dogs but I don’t consider myself a mother to them. They offer me their friendship and I offer them mine. I just find the mommy hubris totally obnoxious. You’re not a special snowflake. You’re not better than ANYONE. You’re one of millions of women who chose to breed, and I bet you didn’t even thought about WHY you wanted to breed. You wanna pass your flawless genes along? You want someone to take care of you when you’re old? You want a mini me? Did you think about the possible suffering your children might have to endure just because you chose to bring them into this world? Food for thought.

    Last but not least, please get over yourself and your “mommy title”. Anyone can reproduce. You chose to do it, deal with it. You can’t have time alone with your husband? You were not able to get decent sleep for 2+ years? Your child screams that they hate you because you took your iPad back from them? You chose all that. Sorry, not sorry.

  13. I fixed your shit article Reply


    2 days is all you can do for a vacation. Sorry for you! When I leave for 2 days, my fur babies come with me! But for longer out of the country trips that I’m gone at least a week for I hire a sitter. Professional pet nannies anyone? I use that when I don’t have my constant social and support group around me. Aka: friends and family. They don’t leave a bowl of kibble and leave but give them also all the love an attention and socializing that they need.

    [Toilet Training]

    Your kid ate his own shit? Guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree! My cat was hassle free. Puppy? Different scenario. Just as you put your kid on a toilet as he pisses himself, I take my puppy outside as he does the same in hopes that it too will just click. While your kid will eventually be able to do it himself, I have the next 12ish years at being woken up at 2AM~4AM for a potty run. Fido lives IN the house as a family member would. I live in an apartment and that makes it much more of a hassle than a doggie door.

    [Sleep Training]

    That’s the beautiful thing about cats. Oh, and I get to nap with them when I can too without having to train a toddler to do the same. Weird, it’s…. Almost better. My kitten was all over the place and then decided “Hey its nap time see you in a bit.” puppy was the same way. What do you MEAN I didn’t have to keep going into the room to tell him to lay down and sleep? Why doesn’t my toddler just get that when he’s tired he needs a nap? Why is he getting mad at being sleepy yet refusing to sleep? THE CATS UNDERSTAND! LEARN FROM THE CATS!


    I had a feeling you were heartless but now this just confirms it. My puppies and kittens had jumped up on the bed once and that’s where they sleep ever since. My 7 year old cat is always by my side. Spare bedroom, my bedroom, laying on my floor, sitting on a chair… Her set spot is me. I’m her home. Now when your child is 7 I cannot wait to see how willing they are to still be your cuddly shadow. Or a pre-teen.


    McDonald’s is a cheap option, eh? Definitely incomparable to fur-moms getting canned food on sale. Ugh, you had to go through a drive thru! Poor you, that’s so much more work than just giving them a can! Most people put a lot of thought into what they feed their pets just as you do with your kids. Healthier is better! Cheap canned food is for when you are tight on cash. Like… Y’know…. Fast food.


    Never had a pet in obedience class, but I’ve known loads of children that could benefit from one! Yup my pets have built in instincts. Ya got me!! Totally fido’s own will to NOT go and chase a cat, or a stray ball, or a car or children. His INSTINCTS keeps him from darting off the second I take his leash off outside in the lot. No work on my end at all. You got me!

    [Teaching Them to Speak]

    Someone missed a science class. Did you know cats evolved to meow at their human companions by way of attempting to communicate? Each cat has a different meow that’s suitable for their people. But I digress. This is about TEACHING isn’t it? Will that “MA MA” You worked so hard for alert you when there is someone outside your home? …… I mean we can try. Maybe the shrill scream of a toddler will scare the thief away!


    Ah the difference between pet owners and fur mom’s. I’m guessing this is what you did with an animal when you were angry at it? Shame on you. No wonder you have little opinion of pets. You suffer from speciesism pretty badly. I boop my pets on the nose gently, and that seems to do it for them. Try doing something similar to a toddler and they’ll hit back.


    Another class A from you. I am not surprised you’d shrug off a run away pet with posters and an award while simply hoping for the best. In my family we would hire FBI too if that were acceptable. A cat of mine got out once and there were tears for days, and days, and DAYS, with only the talk in the household being about that cat until a neighbor lovingly returned her to us.

    Yes, you’ve made your point. But yes, fur mom’s deserve the same respect you get, because as we can tell from you lot, it takes evolution to care and love for a child but a giant heart to adopt another species and give it all the love, time, and family that it deserves.

    To you dummies it’s not the same, because you are the kind to lock pets up. Fur mom’s are the ones who don’t even consider treating their ‘pets’ anything less than family.

  14. I bet I treat my dog better than your kids ? what about the people who can’t have kids? You have a kid you HAVE to love and care for it, you CHOOSE to LOVE AND CARE for an animal.

  15. Having a dog with special needs, allergies, skin conditions ect. I have had to do almost all of these things…so fuck off cunt.

  16. You are DISGUSTING! I am a Mother of both (Human and Fur) Children, and although the duties may not be the exact same, the MOM part is exactly that. A MOM. My Fur Babies go to the Doctor just as much as my Human children do. If not more. My Fur Babies depend on me to feed them, Bathe them, Comfort them and to Protect them. I have woken up many many nights to change blankets and sheets because my Fur Babies got sick or shit diarrhea everywhere. One having food and skin allergies, we have made expensive trips to the doctors and buying absurd amounts of different foods because of it. They also eat appropriate “human” types of food. They cry in the middle of the night needing to go potty. They have accidents and get hurt. I have had to pull pieces of dog shit from their asses. And then used baby wipes to clean it up! I trim their nails, they wear clothes in the winter time and they also need social interaction just like my Human children do! You bet your ass my Human kids get treats when they are being good, just as my Fur children do. I keep a night light on for them because they cry in the dark. Who the FUCK are you to tell people they are not PAWRENTS because they don’t have Human children or are not able to have them? Sounds like to me you are asking for a pat on the back because you chose to have your kids. Well guess what, nobody gives two shits about it! Sorry to hurt your feelings but there are MILLIONS of people just like you.. You are not the first Parent and wont be the last sweet heart. You are just another one in the crowd. It takes a lot more heart and soul to care for someone not biologically yours. So why don’t you take this pathetic writing you call an article/blog and shove it. Nobody asked you to produce. You made that choice, You don’t deserve a pat on the back or a fucking reward. Those kids of yours are YOUR responsibility. So next time little Susie shits her pants, know that you don’t get praise for cleaning it up! NOBODY asked you to pop them out. I took on 2 fur babies because they were deserted and homeless. Thrown away like a piece of trash. And those people that you are bashing, they are the REAL MOMS. They took in a living heart beat when they didn’t have to. They took on responsibility that shouldn’t have been in the first place. They devote their TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and LOVE. So the next time you have little Susie’s shitty underwear in your hands, remember that shit came from you. That’s your reward. Shit. Put them in a picture frame and and hang it!

    • To “anonymous” who claimed the author is disgusting. If you really are a parent to children, and you wrote what you did, I feel sorry for your children. Sounds like you love your children as deeply as you love your pets, and it should not be that way. The love for children should be much deeper. Your concern for your children should be much deeper. Sure, you should take good care of your pets and love them too, but as a parent you should understand that the depth of your love and concern for kids is boundlessly more profound, deep and important than the love for your pets. I truly hope that you are lying when you say that you have both. That said, not everyone has the emotional capability to love their kids as much as their animals. Maybe there is a little autism going on in the parent, or some emotional attachment disorder or something. But healthy parents see the difference between their animals, and their kids. Good luck to you and your family.

      • To Jesse,
        I think your school did not teach you about equality. Every species on this earth is equal, if not, then humans are definitely worse considering the state our world is in. You cannot change anyone’s opinion so how about u just concentrate on your kids. In short, mind your business. Fur moms and dads can call themselves queens and kings of the world and there is nothing u can do about it. So focus on something u can do.

        • Also, Jesse, You are sick for assuming mental health of a stranger. It is sad that people like u who are insensitive to mental health have kids. I hope u do not pass on this negativity to your kids

  17. You’re not “bright women” for writing such ignorant posts. You’re arrogant and self indulgent bad mothers.

  18. hmm this blog post makes the writer seem like a total asshole. i don’t know any fur parent who says they are better or greater than parents of humans! in reality, i know many fur parents who are very compassionate, speaks more than the human parent who kills or neglects her own child for whatever selfish reason!

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  20. Margaret P Reply

    Not only is this rude, it completely negates what a person is going through. Maybe they couldn’t have a kid and tried? I’m in that boat. I may just have to have fur babies the rest of my life. Maybe someone has had multiple miscarriages. Your post is discouraging and cruel. Also, I have two fur babies and I can’t leave them alone. They stay with my in-laws and my in-laws leave their fur babies with me and my husband when they leave. Dogs have feelings and deal with separation anxiety and emotions. Please consider thinking about your audience next time before you post something of this caliber.

  21. Wow.. Obviously you have never owned a pet and treated it more then just an animal.

    Your examples here are ridiculous and those you speak of are animal abusers; not fur parents.

    I always made sure my furkids were left with someone to care for them; either my parents or friends, or the occasional kennel. With my kids its now a package deal. If they have to be separated its because the kids are going to camp and the furkids are going to the kennel. Otherwise we plan trips that everyone can go.

    Toilet Training
    Cats are in different category; they come trained. But dog much like children have to told over and over where they need to go and how they should hold it. When my dogs were puppies I spent several months on this. I started off with 2 hour increments taking the puppies to the spot I wanted them to pee on waited until they went and treated them. each week i up it an hour until they are able to hold it for 8 hours. For my Kids it wasn’t much difference just quicker. Once they could sit up on their own I would put them on the pot in the bathroom first thing in the morning. have them sit there until they went and made a big deal when they did; my kids where all trained by 8mths. With both its about paying attention to cues. I would notice the dog sniffing around or standing by the door so I would ask if they needed to potty. With my kids I notice they would get still and quit and I would ask them the same. My children first words were potty and snack. Accidents always happen and you cant get mad you just have to reinforce the goal.

    Both furkids and kid will work this out on their own. Its about scheduling and sticking to it; no matter where you are at. My kids all slept through the night at 3 months old. As they got older it became a thing with the pets and kids to what we call “stretch out” 20-30min break and everyone finds a spot and naps.

    U most be an idiot.. If you want to play the Costco card; yet you can actually by everything their from kibble to baby formula. But since I was on a budget; it was cheaper to make my pets food. On Sunday I spend the day meal prepping for everyone. As the kids got older they kind of do their own thing for lunch now.

    Obviously there a difference but its still learning. And there no comparison because you do understand that animals only live a third of a human life. My furkids did training for over two years until they all got their CGC certificate and one went as far as getting their therapy license.

    Umm okay your are an idiot. Both are not taught to speak; it something they pick up.. And yes you do some form a treating when they do learn something new.

    I have NEVER locked my furkids or kids in a basement, tie them up as a form of punishment. FYI animals have no short term memory only long term. So, if you do not catching them within 3sec to tell them NO or Bad; its irreverent because they have no idea what your punishing them for. But with both I have done the No or Bad; smacked hands or muzzles. Put my kids in corners or sent them to their room and for my pets sent them to their beds; both for a time period that was set by a timer and when it went off they new they could get up.. FYI in this situation children are harder to keep still.

    OMG!! Both run away and if you haven’t notice yes people put flyers up for both offering rewards. People check shelter and hospitals. For children at least you can get the police involved for furkids you basically on your own.. Thanks for those FB pages and microchips to help you find your furkid. Thank god I have never experienced this and hopefully never will.

    As a fur parent I have LOVED and lost over 4 fur kids. Raising them from only months old until the day they could no longer walk and eat. I had to make the decision on their quality of life and end their suffering. NOT an easy task to do.

    Now after having children I see very little difference. I find myself using the same methods of training in raising my kids; with little differences in training my dogs and cats. Telling them no don’t touch and leave it alone. I award them for doing good things and punish them for disobeying.

    Love is Love!!

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres

  22. Angelica couldn’t of said it better myself what gives this writer the right to say we’re are not like any other mom yeah we don’t have to deal with tantrum fits and whiney kids we deal with vet bills sick furbabies, picking up poop and vomit I worried excessively over my dog Sadie when she got attacked by another dog and spent sleepless nights tending to her and comforting her I worry about what I’m feeding my 3 dogs food and or treats no I’m not a mom clearly you didn’t think about that before you wrote this you clearly didn’t think about the womem who can’t have kids and by the way that’s OK we don’t want to join your mom’s club we got our furmom’s club

  23. I know this article is from 6 years ago but I have had the pleasure of just finding it today… this is the most ridiculous article I have ever read..

    First off I have 2 step daughters who I helped raise and I have also had 3 failed IVF and 2 failed adoptions where I was a mom for 6 months to a beautiful baby girl from birth to 6 months when I had to give her back to her bio dad.. oh yeah and 4 months after that just had a miscarriage.. (1 month ago)

    So yes I know what it’s like to care for an infant that you love more than life itself, I know what goes into caring for a child.. I know what it’s like caring for a toddler all the way up to young adult hood as my stepdaughters are now in their 20s..

    I have also had pets my entire life, I am a fur mom, mom whatever I want to call it because it’s my choice.. even before I wanted kids I always was a mom to my pets..

    First off I love my dogs and cats unconditionally and agree that some of the descriptions on how you treat a pet is disgusting, what normal person punishes a dog by chaining them to a pole outside? You should never have a pet

    I have had 2 dogs that died from cancer and one of them we found out was passing away while I was traveling in China For work (I’m from NY) and I called my boss that I’m coming home a week early and she actually paid the $1000 difference for me to get home, didn’t care who I pissed off my baby was sick and needed her Momma.

    My other 2 babies were prettified of the thunder and fireworks so missed every 4 th of July as I was lying with them trying to calm them every year.. and every thunder storm even when I had to get up for work at 6 am I stayed up All night comforting them so they wouldn’t have a heart attack with their little hearts beating so fast.

    Countless money spent on surgeries removing lumps or fixing their gums, stitches, giving tummy medicine when they have diarrhea (that yes we need to clean up)

    Vacations they either came or family watched them, and not just came over a few hours to make sure they haven’t hurt themselves or feed them, I had ppl actually sleep over the entire time we were gone or we didn’t go.. and I checked in daily.. who leaves a dog alone 2 days with just extra food.. a moron does

    Playgrounds, I almost tackled a pit bull for snapping at my dog and leaving a deep cut that left a scar, don’t mess with my baby..

    Anyway I could go on and on.. the point is your article is insensitive and ignorant, and to take away anything from someone without a child whether they want them or not is hateful.. having children is not the end all, doesn’t make you a better person or more caring than anyone else.. after countless articles and the news lately half you MOTHERS shouldn’t have been blessed to have children because you’re horrible to them.. killing babies, leaving them in hot cars, beating them, molesting them.. fucking please with your stupid article.. and I’m guessing you’re mother of the year..

    Would love to have this conversation in person.. oh how I wish.. most my friends and family would be pushing me out of the way to get to you first..

    Absolutely ridiculous…

  24. So many triggered fur moms on this post lmao kids and pets are not the same whether ppl like it or not

  25. Hopefully, you never have a child that is unable to have children due to medical issues. Let’s see you tell them that they’re not a real “mom” should they opt to adopt a cat or dog.

  26. Oh wow so I can certainly see why your website is called BluntMoms ROFL. Before I had kids I had two cats and I have to say that having two cats is certainly a lot easier than having two kids! It was easier in every aspect and sometimes I long for that simplicity.
    I do see why people are getting riled up about this post though, I see nothing wrong with a “fur mom” even if they do compare it to being a parent of a human being. Perhaps us moms of humans are just jealous of the freedom that fur moms have?

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