funny-pinterest-picturesSeriously. Get a life!

My husband recently asked me about Pinterest (he has no clue) and asked if it’s something he should be “on.”

Um, no.

And that’s when the rant started (his question was ill-timed as I had just about had my fill of perfect little pics floating around all those boards).

Honestly, how many of those fancy outfits can you: 1. Fit into? 2. Afford? 3. Find at WalMart?

As for the recipes, do you really think your version is going to turn out like the pic you took all of three seconds to post? Unless you’re Martha Fucking Stewart, it ain’t happening!

And don’t even get me started about you teachers. I doubt you are incorporating all those “teachable moments” into your lesson plans. Or you running enthusiasts… I know you are cursing your head off as you run, hating every brutal step and counting how many calories you burned so you can have another beer after supper. So don’t go posting all that inspirational CRAP!

Give it up. Unless you started Pinterest, you are NEVER going to own THAT entryway to your house or have your ensuite look like THAT…

Don’t just post that shit, do it.

There. End rant. Thanks for reading. But for God’s sakes… Don’t even mention how Facebook has become the “Like and Share to Win” cesspool that it is… and a freaking recipe book for a carb overdose!

I feel another rant coming on…


Hi, You can call me Leona... but I may not always respond. Leona is not my real name, it's more of a Nom de Plume. Isn't that fancy? You see, Leona, is someone I don't like, someone who makes me angry. So I use her to channel my BLUNTmom posts that most of the time wouldn't fly over at my "real" blog. So thanks, Leona, at least you're good for something! (Wasn't that nasty? That was Leona writing...)


  1. Well actually yes I can fit it in, yes I can afford it and you better believe I can cook it. I’m no pussy.

  2. THANK YOU! I keep feeling guilty for not doing more on Pinterest and am completely, excruciatingly annoyed by the Like and Share to Win posts on facebook. Thank you for saving me the energy it would take to write up this rant. Thanks for saying the words that have been floating around in my head. Most importantly, thanks for saying it better than I could have.

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