Even though when I shower I can still hear the phantom cries of my newborn, that perfect 8 lb. beast just turned 12.

I blinked and now she is waltzing out of my room wrapped up in my favourite sweaters, blithely declaring my opinions and jokes are “cringe” as she scrolls her phone with a cheekful of cheese strings.
Even though I have written a million words about her, she really doesn’t understand how wildly difficult, overwhelming and joyous a job it is to parent. Your heart gets used to being kicked and filled simultaneously. You swing wildly from feeling like you’re nailing it, to flopping so spectacularly you want to hide under the covers until college graduation.

But we do it, every day, and we use the tools we have at our disposal, whether that be child-free Aunties with disposable income, an iPad used so much they feel hot to the touch, and soothers that fall to the floor spit-side-down but are easily “cleaned” by using our mouths and shirt tails.

As a Gen X Mom, I was able to deploy screen time as my co-parent but I have younger friends who are new Moms and when I look at their Gift Registries, I feel…so very old and so very envious.
Imagine Henry Ford watching a Tesla park itself.

I scroll through these devices and feel physically aroused. Wipe warmers! Wooden Toy Subscriptions! Remote Control Bassinets! And the most wonderful device of all, the Smart Baby Monitors!

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Back in my day (I have all my own teeth, I swear), I would put my precious angel to bed, swaddled like a baby powder-dipped beignet, and tiptoe out the door. Unless she burst into those “something is very wrong here Mama” banshee wails, I would have ZERO idea what was going on in that room.
Had a skunk slipped into the open window? Was a spider dangling a mere millimeter from her perfect nose? Was the ceiling dripping upstairs toilet water onto her soft spot? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.

If I wanted to do a quick check to make sure she was still, you know, alive, I would have to open the bedroom door with the speed and stealth of a cat burglar and pretend I weighed nothing more than a feather as I tip-toed over to her crib, avoiding the weird creaky floorboards, and frantically watched her tiny chest pulse up and down.

Now, like everything else in this world, there is tech and an App for this. The Pixsee Smart Baby Monitor also has features from the future like Temperature Detection, Two-way Talk, Smart Music Box, Voice Recorder and Video Playback, expert quality speakers so you can sing a song and soothe those cries from the comfort of the toilet seat, and most importantly a 6-Layer Optical Glass Lens with Nighthawk NIR Technology that gives you a crystal-clear feed of their adorable sleeping faces, alive, well and perfect. And all of this is sent right to your smart phone- where we know todays new moms are spending countless hours.best gifts for new parents, pixsee

Pixsee’s bespoke speaker is ear-friendly and features a dynamic metallic dome for expert audio quality. With digital technology that lets you reduce ambient noise for crystal clear audio. This means you can get a true sense of your babies noises without any background interference and your baby can clearly hear your feminist focussed lullaby’s that you sing into their ear through the day.
Powered by AI technology with an easily understandable app interface, this smart support lets you monitor your little one from afar via custom alerts. With a cry decoder, Pixsee can even help you understand HOW to soothe your little one.

Pixsee even serves as your visual diary, capturing all of your little darling’s precious milestones! No need for hours sitting scrapbooking to create baby books! In fact, we are expecting the next Pixsee release to include grocery shopping and walking the dog.

Parenting is difficult, and here at BLUNTmoms we believe that any help you can get to make the job easier is a good thing! Add Pixsee to your list for great new gifts for moms!


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