I have a friend who wishes that her husband was the only person that she ever had sex with.  When she told me this I burst out laughing. I thought she was kidding. But, she wasn’t. She was dead serious.

Instantly, I thought she was the stupidest person on the planet. Why would she wish this?  Why would she wish away all her past sexual experiences?  I mean, this isn’t the 1950’s.   Even though I know there were some good hussy’s in the 1950’s, I do know that having sex with a complete stranger, a friend “with benefits” or female friend was not as common as it was for our generation.

Then I thought about it. Okay. Maybe she has a point.  Maybe some of her experiences were pretty forgettable or regrettable. With that I can agree. Whole heartedly. I am not cool with the amount of losers I slept with.  Not at all. I made some pretty stupid fucking mistakes. Some things that I am not even comfortable saying out loud. I didn’t have sex with any animals or anything, I just made some bad choices and hurt some people along the way. But, that wasn’t about sex. That was about me.

But to wish that all away?  Did she really truly wish that the only person she would have and would continue to have sex with her entire life would be one man and one man only?

No offence to my husband. But, those memories are all I got.  And I got some really steamy hot nights that I like to keep in my back pocket. Sometimes, I cannot believe that I am only going to get fucked from behind by one man and one man only. Then there are times that I feel sorry for him, thinking all he has left is this jiggly woman with stretch marked boobs.  All his dreams of fucking some tight young girl in a short skirt are never going to happen.

And the more I think about my friend, the more it makes me think that she might have it right. Maybe that is what true love is. That you want to forget all your “before’s” and focus on all the good that came with your “happily ever after”.

I really want to go and fuck my husband now.




*The author of this post wishes to remain anonymous. (wouldn’t YOU?)


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