Image of a woman's hand holding a working man's wallet over a white backgroundWell Valentine’s Day has come and gone and, like every single holiday that exists, I got to listen to  (or read about) people whining about how “commercial” it has become.

Yep the stores are always full of stuff for you to spend your hard earned (or not so hard earned) cash on at every occasion but, you know what, you don’t have to buy it –  any of it.

This stuff is not mandatory.

There is no law that requires you to buy crap because it’s on a store shelf.

Stop your bitching and walk away.

You are the one in control, not Walmart or Hallmark – YOU.

Oh yes I know, every other kid at school gets loads of shit so your precious little Johnny will be so disappointed if he doesn’t get an equal amount of said shit.

Suck it up buttercup.  Start teaching little Johnny that some kids get jack squat and he should be grateful to have the things he has.

Oh but don’t use poor little Johnny to prove your point and lash out against consumerism.   Buy some red paper, cut out some hearts, slap some names, and maybe some glitter on them and send the kid off to school with some Valentine’s to hand out.

Don’t make him a complete social outcast to prove your ridiculous point.

And yes, the Easter merchandise has already hit the shelves.  And so it begins again.


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