This is our ONE THOUSAND AND ONETH post. Yes, that is 1001, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing some thoughts from the BLUNTmoms authors?

Each one of us have had our word babies published on BLUNTmoms for the first time at some point. Then there was also that glorious moment when we were invited to the inner circle as a cadre writer. We each had to deal with being the new chick joining the cool kids. These women are the equivalent of the bad girls who skip class, hang outside the back portables cat-calling boys, and drinking tequila from flasks. They are smart, funny and fiercely loyal to each other. Also they will cut a bitch who disrespects their fellow BLUNTmoms.

This is no small thing we have going on. As our readership grows, and we celebrate clicking over 1000 posts, we asked the writers to tell our readers how it felt to be a newbie. Here are their always original words:

Anne Radcliffe  When I first joined the BLUNTMoms group, I thought the other writers were going to bite me. Magnolia was going to set my writing on fire and hand it back to me. Fortunately everything went much better than I expected.

Carrie Groves I felt like a hayseed fresh off the turnip truck. I was sure that at any minute they would realize they made a horrible mistake and kick me out. Still feel that way a little bit; they are all amazing writers!

Kyla Cornish I like to think of myself as the first recruit. If not first, I was in the first handful. BLUNTmoms became more of a publication for me, as you notice I hardly write anymore, but it came a place of friendship and love and trust. I am truly honoured that that they keep me around.

Brooke Takhar I went from being one to being one of a tribe. Being a BLUNTmom expanded my reach, skill and confidence as a writer, and my heart as a person.

Magnolia Ripkin I was BM writer wave 1.5 I think. Not sure now. I came in to the group clutching my newborn blog like a stuffed bunny and hoped that the pro bloggers wouldn’t mock me. They didn’t, and then Julie let me propose a strategy and structure, and a team was born. Love this place and yes, this tribe is something I would cut a bitch to protect.

Jessica Hoefer Land I am very much a newbie. I’m sitting in awe as I observe the amazing talent of all these gorgeous writers. From the very start I felt extremely welcomed and I feel comfortable in reaching out for editing help, etc. I also love that bad language is not only accepted, it is highly encouraged. 

Tara Wilson I joined BLUNTmoms before it even was published. I was honoured that Julie asked me to write, as it was my first writing gig outside of my site. BLUNTmoms launched my career. For that and for the incredible friendship and support that the ladies in this tribe have given, I will always be grateful. Congratulations BLUNTmoms on 1000 posts of genuine us.

Cordelia Newlin de Rojas When I was asked to join BLUNTmoms, I had to pinch myself, black and blue to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was so excited to be a part of an incredible blogging team. Little did I realise it would be so much more than a writing gig. BLUNTmoms was, and continues to be, my lifeline. They reeled me into the biggest, warmest, most supportive, foul-mouthed, sex-crazed (some of us) amazing group of friends. They are my tribe, my sisters, I love them. Here’s to the next 1000 posts together!

Shannon Day-Cheung I have been a fan of BLUNTmoms for longer than I’ve been a BLUNTmom, but what a group of creative and funny women, they are. They inspire me and make me want to be a better writer. I feel very privileged to be a part of this supportive and talented crew as we reach our 1000th post!

Shawna Scafe I felt like I jumped over the fence to get out of the JR high dance and smoke behind the bleachers with the badass chicks. These ladies have lead me across the line from feeling like just another mom blogger to a writer with a story to tell.

Olga Mecking At first I didn’t want to write for BLUNTmoms. I thought I wouldn’t fit in. Oh yes, and I also that they would eat me alive. Then Lynn persuaded me to join and I am so glad I did. For me, BLUNTmoms is the place to learn, to experiment, to write something different And I can’t even say how grateful I am that they believed in me and pushing me hard to do better. I just love it when I wake up and there is some hilarious thread going on in the Facebook group. And, congrats on the 1000 posts, that’s awesome!

Lisa Webb I remember feeling giddy when I was published on BLUNTmoms for the first time. I was a newbie in the blogging world and honoured to be writing alongside so many talented women. Since then, these amazing women continue to support, encourage and provide laughter on a daily basis. It’s quite the sisterhood we’ve got!
Lynn Morrison I remember the first time I saw the BLUNTmoms button on Kyla’s site. I was brand new to blogging and desperate for a community. I sent an email begging my way into the group and when Julie responded to say that they’d stalk me out, I was beyond giddiness. I still feel that way, eighteen months later. I am so stupidly, ridiculously proud of this site, of the content that we publish and the voices we are so blessed to get to share. We are truly a bunch of damn fine writers, all thanks to the help and support of one another.
Sarah Gilbert All I saw was “We <3 you!” and I was hooked. BLUNTmoms could have been online predators planning to steal my children, but they loved me, and I’ll do anything for love. Six  months ago, the BLUNTmoms found me. And I found the girl versions of Jesus – The BLUNTmoms Editors. They told me later that they were looking for a lesbian mom, and I probably should have been offended by their tokenism. But my first thought was “Finally, all this butch-dyke-man-hating I’ve been doing online is finally paying off.” And my second thought was “I’m not blunt,” which is ironic because I just said butch-dyke-man-hating.
It really was love at first tweet. I sent them some story ideas hoping that they would like one of them, and they ordered everything on the menu. I also love women who not afraid to ask for it all so that definitely strengthened the attraction. I’ve been writing regularly for us ever since. And I plan to stick around. 
I’m staying because BLUNTmoms is making me a better writer. I’m staying because we talk about topics that matter. I’m staying because these women crack my shit up every day. But mostly I’m staying because we’re building a community of women who are changing the world for the better using our words. 
Pamela Smith BLUNTmoms has given me the space, support, and courage to find my voice as a writer. The women in this group are exceptional writers and editors, sounding boards & reality checks, friends and yes, family. Sharing our deepest secrets and strongest opinions about being moms has bonded us deeply. There isn’t a subject we won’t touch -abortion, postpartum depression, gun control, religion, vaccination, circumcision, mean girls, bisexuality, autism, PMS, parental alienation and abuse, recipes, granny panties, tantrums, blow jobs – we’ve debated all of the hot button issues. Although we’re all unique voices, our respect, compassion and love for one another is undeniable. Individually we are strong. Together we are fearless.
As we tuck our first thousand posts under our belt, we want to take a moment to thank our founder, Julie Nowell for her brilliance and her willingness to help any of us, at any time. 
What’s next? Watch BLUNTmoms for more posts that make you read them a second time wondering if we actually just said that. We did… and we will say a whole lot more.

An amazing collection of bright women who somehow manage to work, play, parent and survive and write blog posts all at the same time. We are the BLUNTmoms, always honest, always direct and surprising hilarious.


  1. catherine beary Reply

    Congratulations to one and all blunt moms…!! Love, love, love this blog site not only for its rich and varied content but also for its honest and pragmatic take on all things momsy. It gives me that wrap your hands around this coffee cup warmth when I need comfort and that glass of cold water thrown in my face when I need a slap of reality. I visit, I read, I critique and when I leave your blunt sanctum I believe that I improve as a mum as a woman and as a writer. For that I salute and applaud…….

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