Parenting as a stage of life is very busy. You think it will get easier as they get older and in some ways it does and in other ways it doesn’t. There are so many things that you’re responsible for and so many expectations. There are some things we just don’t have time for (unless they are things we really love to do.) Like these for example:

Organic rice crispy squares for the bake sale. Your tween is never going to remember later in life that you splurged on the high quality cereal. You could probably just grab some from the bakery and put them in a plastic container and call it done. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Carpool line. Seriously. Where do these people learn to drive? In what other situation do people who cannot follow simple instructions converge on the same location at the same time, daily? Nightmare. Learn to merge, friends. It’s like a zipper. One side. The other side. Lather, rinse, repeat, BEEP BEEP!

Learning Common Core Math. Ugh. What witchcraft is this? Why? We already graduated and now we have to learn a new way to do the same thing? Thank goodness for youtube videos and Professor Google. Maybe a tutor would be easier? Pick a smart kid and feed them some bakery cookies and ask them to sit with your kid.

Intimacy. Okay, no, this shouldn’t be on the list. It’s important. You can’t be too busy to get busy.

We get sucked into screens, devoured by logistical vortexes of extra-curricular activity shuttling, sports field sideline sitting, making dinner, doing homework, bedtime routine, grocery shopping, but everyone gets their needs met but you and your partner. So what to do?

You’re a busy mom and you’re in relationship with another busy other parent. How do you spend time so you can spend time?  You got 99 problems and 69 of them can be solved with TiffinTalk Heart 2 Heart conversation cards. See what we did there? Clever AF.

These cards are helpful for guiding the conversations when your brain is fried and you don’t know where to start because you’re out of practice. You need to connect like your iphone needs its charging cord. There’s an app for everything, but have you considered the life changing magic of having a quality conversation with your partner? This is the stuff you need to get things moving and grooving again.

Intimacy is so important and you deserve it. Life is full of things that while important, aren’t very fun. Sex is fun! Have a deep conversation and go have some! Grab a box, wrap it up, and give it to your partner for Valentines Day. It will be the second best thing your partner will unwrap on Valentines Day, because after all you come first (and hopefully you do 😉 These 69 funny, sexy, clever conversation cards are the gift that keeps on giving (and receiving!) Get yours and get some!

This post was sponsored by TiffinTalk, but all opinions are our own.


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