jason collinsWe live in ridiculous times.
The other day’s headline: Jason Collins out of the closet.
First of all, I have no flipping clue who Jason Collins is or what closet he was in.
Oh, oh. He is a pro basketball player.
Well in that case, I’m happy he’s been outed because it must be pretty hard to shoot baskets from inside a closet.
Oh. Oh. Oh. He is gay.
On what planet is this newsworthy?
Do I care? Should I care? He sleeps with men. So what?
Has he always slept with men? What do his teammates have to say? Will other pro players come out now that Jason has? SO WHAT?! WHO CARES?!
Don’t get me wrong–I’m happy if Jason Collins is happy. But why is this an after-school conversation at my house today?
Ellen came out on national tv in 1997.
Will & Grace wrapped their eight season run a full seven years ago.
C’mon people. (And by people, I mean media people). Is it any wonder kids still pick on kids who are different? Is it any wonder we are still dealing with people who use the word inappropriately? Is it any wonder there is what seems to be an epidemic of bullying in our schools? Look around. Little people are just mimicking what is going on in the media. And until grown ups change what is regarded as novel and new, generation next doesn’t have a chance.
Isn’t it time we put our fascination with who sleeps with who back under the covers?

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  1. I agree!!! My first reaction was, “Who cares?” And I don’t mean that to be rude but I can’t wait until who we may or may not choose to sleep with is no longer news. I’m glad Jason is happy, it’s just too bad there had to be an announcement about it when no one makes an announcement when they are heterosexual!!

  2. I actually think it is news. I agree that it’s sad that it has to be news…but it’s news just the same. It was pretty brave of him to come out as a professional sports player. He is the first openly gay male professional sports player.

    It’s scary to be the first. All other pro athletes have waited until they were done playing until they came out. They worked in an atmosphere that isn’t gay friendly. Athletes like Chris Kluwe and Scott Fujita have been active about supporting same sex marriage and gay rights, and in their interviews they say how hard it would be to come out as a gay athlete. Most guys would be supportive…but some…not at all.

    Sure…not front page…but news nonetheless. It means that more boys will feel its okay to be gay and a great hockey player. They’ll feel its okay to be who they are, love who they love and play the game they love.

    So maybe its a different kind of news. Good news…as opposed to bad news. Maybe we’re just not used to that.

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