download (26)I’m sick of walking on egg shells.

Look, my kid is bright.  I don’t take a whole lot of credit for it.  It’s just how it is. Maybe some day your kid will catch up.  Maybe not.  I have no idea.  But I’m not going to “dumb” down my kid’s accomplishments to spare your feelings.

 To be clear, I don’t think my kid is a genius.  I’m not one of those moms who brags about every little thing, remarkable or unremarkable, that my kid does.  I want to punch those moms.  My kid does and says things that many kids in the same age group just don’t.  So, saying my kid is smart isn’t the same thing as saying your kid is dumb.  That is just your insecurity talking lady.

 I am, however, proud of my kid, and although I try not to be that annoying bragging mom, I’m not going to hide this little light of mine under a bushel. No! I’m going to let it shine.  

Put your shades on and deal with it.



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  1. Love it and I agree. My kids are smart too and talking about it isn’t an insult or reflection on anyone else.

  2. Except that you’re the only one who thinks your kid is smart, that makes you dumb. I don’t know who is more condescending, kids who think they are smarter or their parents. Being smart doesn’t need to be broadcast to the world and being smart is nothing special. More often than not, smart people, especially the ones who feel the need to tell the world they are smart really are not that smart. People will know if your child is smart (or not). Being smart in one thing doesn’t make you smart either, it just means your good at that one thing. It’s time to put an end to this my kid is smarter than your kid mentality.

    • Pretty sure people think Tesla, Einstein and Stephen Hawking are special for being smart. Pretty sure the writer said themselves that they don’t think their kid is more remarkable than anybody else, but they shouldn’t feel ashamed that their kid is smarter than kids of a similar age. Maybe your kid is awesome at basketball and theirs is horribly clutzy. We are all given different talents.

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