I am the mother of a daughter. I am not perfect. I am not always a role model.

We were shopping last week and I found myself thinking, “Don’t let yourself get fat. Don’t be like me. Start making better choices than I did NOW!”

What kind of a mother does that? Thinks that? Almost says that? This kind.

The kind who has let herself go.

The kind who never thought she’d be THAT mother who won’t buy clothes for herself.

The kind who doesn’t want to be in pictures.

The kind who hates to look in the mirror.

The kind who abuses herself and would never talk to another person the way she talks to herself.

The kind who is embarrassed to be seen in public.

The kind who is sometimes jealous about how her daughter is so beautiful and so confident.

The kind who wants to do better.

The kind who now knows that change HAS to happen.

The kind who wants to be a better role model.

The kind who wants to get her groove back.

The kind who wants to put herself back in the pictures.

That’s me. That’s the kind of mother I want to be… I WILL be.



Hi, You can call me Leona... but I may not always respond. Leona is not my real name, it's more of a Nom de Plume. Isn't that fancy? You see, Leona, is someone I don't like, someone who makes me angry. So I use her to channel my BLUNTmom posts that most of the time wouldn't fly over at my "real" blog. So thanks, Leona, at least you're good for something! (Wasn't that nasty? That was Leona writing...)


  1. OH my sweet, many many mothers are like that. We want so badly for our children to have the best of the best.
    Being obese or smoking are not choices we want our kids to make, and yet we beat ourselves up for it when we do those things.
    Can we start to forgive ourselves a little bit when we realize that if we didn’t care so much it wouldn’t hurt so bad?

  2. I am that mother too. My daughter is 14 months old and I constantly worry she’s going to get fat like I did. How horrible that its something I even have to worry about. I’m working to change myself now before she notices she has a fat mom. My son is 4 and thankfully the most he’s said is that he likes how fluffy my tummy is.

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