stupid womenSo our fearless (yet anonymous) editor asked us to write a post about a subject that we wouldn’t otherwise write about on our own blog. Perhaps someone or something that we secretly can’t stand, a situation where we slap a big smile on our face when all we want to do is slap the other person silly. Something provocative, yet personal, she urged. Being the Blunt Moms we are, a number of us initially balked; we say what we mean & do what we say. There are no hidden agendas, filters or repressed feelings among us! Are there?

Upon deeper reflection (and a glass or two of wine) I realized that there is something that makes my blood boil faster than a pot of Cheddar Bunnies, but I never say it aloud. I will say it today for the first time & perhaps this will give me the courage to say it in real life: I hate stupid women.
We know these women: they coast on superficiality to get ahead. They are the girls who say “I don’t understand why, but women just don’t seem to like me.” They are the girls that sleep with married men, other women’s boyfriends and lovers. They are ill-informed flakes. They make the same mistake over & over again, despite having numerous opportunities to learn & grow from an experience. They expect men to serve them & save them. They are their own worst enemies, and they are ours as well.
In this past generation, we as women have had every opportunity to educate, define and empower ourselves. To grow, become independent, to contribute to the worlds of business, the arts, technology, medicine, law. We build communities and infrastructure in an effort to make the world a better place for ourselves & our children. Why do these women insist on being miserable cunts?
To be clear: I’m not speaking here of the genuinely dumb, like Jessica Simpson or anyone with an IQ lower than the calories in a can of tuna. I’m speaking specifically of the women who will go out of their way to belittle other women, gossip, plot, sabotage and bully other women in order to feel superior. We’ve all watched the reality show circuit exploit these women over the years: take a Real Housewives of ANY CITY, add booze & watch the fur fly. Some call it entertainment, empowerment & exposure. I believe it sets the feminist movement back about 300 years. And it makes us all look bad.
I believe that we are a village, a sisterhood & that women are stronger than men; we know it & they know it too. When the village idiot starts to disrupt the natural order, we have a tendency to roll our eyes, look the other way or pity them. These women don’t need our pity – they need to be called on their shit & held accountable for their behaviour. We all know them, whether they are on Slice TV or in the school yard. They are the passive-aggressive “friend” who makes you feel gross about yourself every time you see her, or your new boyfriend’s ex-wife still trying to exert control and stay involved. They are the toxic family member who just can’t get over a minor slight from a decade ago.
So I write today as “Anonymous” but this is a big step forward for me. I am as blunt & outspoken a mom as you will find, but in believing in the sisterhood, I’ve let these stupid women get away with too much. Maybe they truly are damaged & deserve our pity, but I think they just need a strong, smart, self-possessed woman to challenge them & make them think about their behaviour. Or a good whack upside the head. I’m up for trying either in the name of trial & error.
Oh, and just to show that I truly am an equal opportunity friend & ranter, my next post will be on why I hate stupid men

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  1. Interesting that your response to difficult women is not compassion or leading by example, or to seek understanding. Or even to build a stronger sisterhood through communication and service.

    Thank goodness for strong, smart, self-possessed women like yourself who have all the answers.

    • Exactly. The piece is as misogynistic as anything the author allegedly decries

  2. Every structure in existence has a food chain. There are the top dogs and the bottom feeders. I see nothing wrong in the world with classifying these women for what they are.
    They are little ankle biting manicured bejeweled yappy dogs.
    Women who have worked hard to bring equality to society have the right to disdane those who bring us backwards in the eyes of men. They behave as if they are proof that women can only get anywhere by manipulation. Ya.. I don’t like them either.

    • I love that sentence~~They behave as if they are proof that women can only get anywhere by manipulation. ~~

  3. “Why do these women insist on being miserable cunts?” You are the best!

    These women are the worst. What’s equally ridiculous is that men don’t see it. At all.

    My husband’s female co-worker was just complaining to him the other day that her previously employer, (a motorcycle shop), always made her work the front counter because she was just too hot. Yes, she really used the words “too hot” to describe herself to my husband. I don’t understand why, but women just don’t seem to like her. 😉

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