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Yes, you have a hot bod. And you eat right and work out. We know that. Now please, pretty please, stop posting obsessive photos of yourself in your workout gear and raving about your incredible workout. The first few photos of your transformation were incredible, it’s true. I was impressed. In fact, it inspired me to eat more mindfully, to lean up a bit. I lost 10lbs, and I thank you for that.

But then you signed up with Beachbody or Isagenix or Visalus or It Works! And you jumped the shark.

Now you’re posting multiple photos every day of your shakes and your sweaty body, and you’re just annoying. You’ve become one of those direct sales zombies that is convinced that if she just works harder she too can reach the top. And that really, everyone needs your product, if only you can help them understand that.

When you finally give up on the direct sales pipe dream, you’re going to be horribly embarrassed that you posted 537 narcissistic workout photos on Facebook. And that you contacted so many acquaintances you hadn’t seen in years to tell them “I’m just so excited about this that I had to share!”

You’ll be even more embarrassed that you convinced your friends to spend hundreds of dollars on overpriced shakes and DVDs, comparable substitutes of which can be found for a fraction of the price at health food stores and big box stores. The $30 tub of meal replacement protein powder and $16 Jillian Michaels DVD will get a person’s body in the same shape as your $140 Shakeology package and $179 DVD set.

It’s not about the tools, it’s about execution. And when you were just sharing your success story in an authentic way, you knew that.


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  1. That Cindy Girl Reply

    Seems to be alot of hate on this board for women who work out and are in shape. Although I don’t take selfies or post about my workouts or weight loss (I consider it a very private issues) I really see no reason why I couldn’t brag about an accomplishement on my Facebook page. If I have to wade through 100 posts a day of other moms posting about their kids, crafts, jewlery (or candles ….etc.) at home sales jobs ….. I think my friends could could do me the courtesy of not attacking me if I mention I lost 30 lbs lat year. If not, they are not really my friends.

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