I love sex. Like REALLY love it. But not in a degrading, addictive, unhealthy way where I have to go out and have sex with multiple strangers every day. That kind of grosses me out. And there is not much else that turns off my crank.

In fact, I would consider myself try-sexual: I’ll try anything once. Maybe twice, just to be sure.

If you have fantasized about it, chances are I have actually done it.

Probably twice.

When friends ask me if I’ve read “50 Shades of Grey” I simply respond: “I don’t have to read it; I live it.” I am open minded, curious and fearless when it comes to sex and have relatively few rules. There are the obvious ones: it has to be consensual, animal-free, and of age, but my number one rule: it has to be fun.

I’ve been highly sexual since puberty, but my religious upbringing and our conservative society taught me that it wasn’t OK for me to like sex. It was something to be endured for the sake of marriage and a husband’s needs. Over the years, I come to accept and adore my sexuality. I’m no longer ashamed of it, and this freedom has brought me and my partners so much pleasure over the years.

And not just sexual pleasure; it’s also done wonders for my confidence, self-esteem and overall joy of life.

For my 40th birthday, my body gave me the best present it has given me since birthing my children. It gave me the gift of multiple orgasms. And trust me when I say it is the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving.

Ladies: let your freak flag fly. It’s worth it.


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  3. I have no problems, at all with waving my “freak flag”, (within, of course, reasonable social boundaries- nobody needs to know what my partner and I get up to but us!) lol!

    But I admit to being a little disturbed by the picture. O_o Most of us aren’t super comfortable being tied up, and how the hell do you participate that way?

    To each their own I guess, but on that one particular show, I’ll give it a pass.

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