Dear Joe,

Some say, “Of course size matters.” But for me it’s your strength. My heart pounds the moment you’re inside me.  Oh how you get me going. Every. Darn. Day. Again and again.

You are an elixir of sorts- made from magical beans, that plant themselves within my soul, igniting my spirit, growing my excitement for the day.

You excite me. You entice me. You delight me.

The moment you touch my lips, your warmth pumps through my veins. Our two selves become one. Our rhythms in sync. I start working when you do. A running list of things to do is never ending. But I can’t focus- too easily distracted. I’m off course lagging on everything, unable to recall a time without you. When I think I can’t make it another step- you’re there in my hands- I’m holding you tight. You help me see clearly- so sharply that it appears all things are possible with you by my side. Without saying a word, you are a straight shooter.  Quietly you sit by my side- without judgement when I ask you to cover yourself in chocolate and whipped cream. You just sit pretty and smile.  Beneath it all – you slip through – showing off to the cherry on top. Reminding me you are what you are made of- I don’t need you all dressed up.

Tall, rich, bold, dark, and strong – you’re never too much for me. No holding back- I know what you’re made of. Bitter or sweet- rarely disappointing. I’m not the jealous type- I get my place- in line and wait for you. You are meant to be shared. While others suck the life out of me- you give me the strength to make it through the day whispering in my ear, “You got this.”

It almost feels worth unbuckling all three of my children, just to hold you in my hands.  Back in the car, with you by my side, the windows down, I can almost escape the sound of my children nagging from the three carseats tetris’d into the backseat. You never ask silly questions- you get me. My need for a moment that’s just about me. No words escape- not a nag, not a request for a snack. Just silence. Yet once you start pumping, through my veins, I blast Bon Jovi and sing along to the ballad I know was meant for you, “a shot to the heart and you’re to blame darling you give love a bad name.” You are a shot to my heart.

You warm my heart and ease my burdens. Sometimes, when you’re not here at home, I wonder if I can make it a day without you. The truth is, I shouldn’t have to. I’ve tried. But I don’t want to. I need you.  Without you I lay in bed wondering when I will hold you in my hands again. Some say your love is an addiction- but I don’t care. The days without you are too arduous to bear. My head hurts just thinking about it.

I can’t stand it when people criticize you- calling you weak and bitter. They don’t understand you’re as good as you make it. They don’t get you like I do- I always see you as a glass half full. I’ll take you anyway I can get you. Straight up. Your boldness never goes unnoticed. Although, I can’t handle it when you’re weak. A woman like myself (a mother of three) needs your strength- to carry the burden of the day. To energize my soul you whisper in my ear, “anything is possible as long as we’re together.”

I consume you. My thoughts consume you. You, yes you, are consumable.

You constantly give- never asking for anything in return. The only thing I have to offer you is advice. Be your truest self. Your dark self delights. You don’t need much. Just always, always, remember- stay grounded.


Tired as a mother, Jessica Keith


Jessica Keith is a professional lecturer at San Diego State University.  When she’s not busy saying, “don’t make me repeat myself,” to her young children (ages 3, 6, and 8), she is getting paid to discuss the diverse implications of repeating oneself, teaching Cross-Cultural Communication. Currently, her pastime is guessing what day of the week it is.



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