We’re all friends right? Good, because I’m going to take it to the bedroom and share a tip that’s really working out for me. But don’t tell my husband I told you about it; he’s shy about sharing this kind of thing.

I’ve completed a thorough, and exhaustive, study on what time of day is the best for sex, and I’m going to share it with you. Because we’re friends.

The sexy sweet spot is the afternoon delight.

The truth is we tried afternoon delight because I have a ridiculously sensitive urinary tract and the nighttime lovers knot sends me to the walk-in clinic for antibiotics. I was getting post-coital trauma, it took the whoop out of our whoopee.  

What started as necessity soon turned into an excellent discovery. Sex is better in the day. So much better.

Who really has the oomph to get it on after 9 pm anyways? After wrangling the kids to sleep I feel like I’ve been through an emotional washing machine. I just want my bed and my book, alone. There’s nothing left for my husband. Even if I force it, it’s the sense of duty, “Ok, I’ll open my eyes and play along” kind of foreplay.

Afternoon delight is the, “I like that, do it again.” foreplay. The playing kind of foreplay. An alert with energy to burn kind of foreplay. You should try it.

I bet you’re like we used to be, having whisper quiet sex. No one wants to scar their kids or pay for their therapy. I have the cure for biting your lip: try a little afternoon delight  for yourself. After a few rounds to loosen up we had dirty talk bursting to get out. We had moves that made our headboard slam against the wall. We rocked the Casbah, hard.

Once you get into your dirty talking groove you might want to think about closing the windows. Unless you want to shock your retired neighbour doing her gardening. I’m ok with it, but like I said, my husband is shy.  

With the kids at school we don’t have to waste our attention listening for a pitter-patter outside our bedroom door. There’s nothing to distract us from our grand slam. Sure, there are daytime noises like the dog scratching at the door and the woodpecker drilling into side of the house, and the phone ringing. But we quickly drown it all out with some woodpecking of our own.

Afternoon delight is an all in, all the way. It’s all hands on deck, or wherever else you want hands.  

It’s standard practice for parents to hide under the sheets while we bump and grind in case one of your kids barges in, right? Wrong. We shake the sheets and take the bedroom rodeo for a good ride. Our kids are at school; there’s no risk of interruption. 

It only takes one interruption to pour a bucket of cold water on your marital mambo. Don’t dose your amour friends. Practice afternoon delight.

Most of all, there’s a shared intimacy that we didn’t experience when we had nighttime nookie. We are less inhibited with time for connection, and satisfaction.

Give day time a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear the woodpecker and I need to teach him a lesson.

Kristin is a freelance writer, blogger, and lover of stories. Her wit is the envy of all her friends. OK, just one friend. She blogs at Kristin Glasbergen. Kristin is currently working on a young adult novel based on Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. Yes, to have some noisy sex you is the early mornings, you know that after sending yous kids to school and before you leave you to work. Nothing to distract you. My best time of the day to have some great pleasure.

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