To wax or not to wax? That is the million dollar question plaguing women of my generation.

I have been told by my single male friends that approximately 100% of women in their twenties are completely ‘bare down there.’ I, as a 41 year old mother-of-three, do not have the desire or time required to maintain this level of nakedness.

So when my friend begged me to get a full Brazilian with her, I thought I made myself crystal clear. I would absolutely go with her, and I would allow, what I believe, is the perfect amount of landscaping. But never, ever would I go the whole enchilada.

I should mention this friend is my go-to for all things mischief. So when she demanded we experience this together, I probably agreed and assumed she would forget to make the appointment.

A few days later, I got this text.

Friend 1: I’m making the appointment for our Brazilian this Saturday. Costs 70 bucks. You still in?

Me: SEVENTY DOLLARS?!? Hell no. But I will go with you and hold your hand, however awkward that may be. Better yet, I have a razor. Let me at it.

Friend 1: You are a douchebag.

Me: Dude, I am NOT spending $70 on my vag.

Friend 1: There is a place downtown next to Sex World we could go for $50?

Me: Sounds charming. Think they’d do half my schmuff for $25? Like just one lip. That’s my final offer.

Friend 1: …

Me: Fine, I will pay for a wax, but not the whole Bermuda triangle. I have an 11 year old daughter and zero desire to resemble her.

Friend 1: …


I decide it is time to text another friend, hoping for reinforcement.

Me: Would you ever get a full Brazilian? Like, the whole shebang? I have a friend who wants to get one.

Friend 2: Um, I got one for my wedding. You realize you must get on all fours and spread your cheeks for them to pour wax in, right?

Me: I said it was a friend of mine. They are charging her $70! Seventy dollars to have all of her pubes ripped out. And I assume you need to tip them? Like, here’s $10 for spending time with your face an inch from my cat flaps.

Friend 2: It was awful. Do you have ANY concept of the pain tolerance you need to have to get hot wax drizzled near your butthole? You are not cut out for it.


Friend 2: Then I proceeded to get a raging yeast infection. I beg you not to do it.

Me: I said… never mind…

Friend 2: So, the yeast infection started the first day of our Honeymoon in Italy. I made my husband of 3 days go to the Farmacia and ask for Vagisil. No one spoke English. Do you know how embarrassing it is to try and act out the words “yeast infection?” You are going to regret this….

Ever a faithful friend, I checked in on Friend 1 post appointment. Apparently after some light ‘getting to know you’ conversation, waxing began, and shit got real. She made a swift exit after calling the 66-year-old aesthetician ‘a whore bitch,’ careful to avoid eye contact with any of her co-workers. Her vajayjay is currently twice its former size, ruby red, and in the beginning stages of a rash.

I did what any decent friend would do. I sent her tulips (naturally) with a card that read:

Dear Vagina belonging to my friend:

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know you don’t have ears, but I really wish you would listen to me next time.


Smugly Yours, Julie


Julie Scagell  Another Mother Blog


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  1. This is sooooo the perfect ending to this hilarious (piece of) tale!
    I think you are a genius – – both for writing this, sending tulips (HA!) and avoiding ruby red, which should only be mentioned next to grapefruit and Dorothy’s shoes.

    Superb job!

    • Thank you Stephanie!! So very much appreciated. I’m hopefully this little PSA will save woman all over the world from the horror of the Brazilian:)

  2. When men are willing to have someone pour hot wax near their happy place I’ll consider it. Nope that’s not true I’ll just laugh my butt off while he recovers

    • My hubby is pretty hairy….I am laughing and crying just thinking about what his Brazilian would look like. I’m thinking Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin….does that sweater come in a V-neck:)

  3. OHHH NELLY! I am hairy enough and pay enough people to rip visible hair from my body. No way I am giving someone $70 plus tip to wax my hot pocket. NOPE! OUCHHHHH.

  4. Oh my God. I am of the generation that came of age when porn stars still had pubic hair so I in no way feel obligated to do this. I edge mine up a bit and trim but would never do this to my poor vaj.

  5. This is perfect! My little sister booked me a waxing for my post-wedding spa day and took the liberty of booking a brazilian – unknown to me. Let me just say I felt like that baboon in the picture above….

  6. Bahaha. Love it. I booked a Brazilian once. I was naïve and had no idea what it actually entailed. Luckily, when I got there they had booked me for a basic bikini wax by mistake so I went along with that. Looks like I dodged a bullet with that one.

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  10. Seriously, it’s not even close to a big deal. I’ve done it several times and I’m a guy. That was the deal with my wife to do hers. It hurts for all of two seconds. And I did front and back, and men, unlike women have things on the outside to have wax ripped off of.

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