Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the messages telling us to stay home, self-isolate and avoid crowds. And like any good citizen, you’re hunkered down in your house, clicking away on your favorite shopping delivery website to restock your refrigerator.

Before you place that order, I need to ask you a question:

Can you REALLY not go to the supermarket, because you are immunocompromised or are elderly or caring for someone who meets these criteria?

OR… do you just not want to get in your car and go?

If you fall into the first category – order away. Order everything you need and pick the earliest delivery slot.

If you fall into the second category – STOP ORDERING.

Seriously. Stop right now, get your ass into the car and go to an actual store. Delivery services will soon be overwhelmed. You’ll need to book days in advance, and even then, they may not have a driver available to bring your shopping to your front door. If there are limited delivery slots available, DO NOT HOARD THEM FOR YOURSELF, m’kay?

Why am I passionate about this? Think of me as the ghost from Christmas Future.

My mother-in-law is over 65 and living ALONE in quarantined Northern Italy. She has been locked away inside her home for three weeks now. Her food supplies will not last forever.

We cannot even get onto the delivery website to attempt to place an order. So she will have to strap on her shoes, cover up as best as she can, and go out.


Here in the UK, where schools and businesses are still open, there is already a week plus delay trying to get a delivery slot. Normally you can get a delivery in less than 24-hours.

Leave delivery services for those who truly need them. Part of our responsibilities, as healthy, hearty adults, is to TAKE CARE OF OTHERS. If there are limited delivery slots – DO NOT TAKE ONE.

If you need me, I’m over here in England offering to run errands for the elderly in my neighbourhood. Maybe you should do the same.


Lynn Morrison is a smart-ass American raising two prim princesses with her obnoxiously skinny Italian husband in Oxford, England. If you've ever hidden pizza boxes at the bottom of the trash or worn maternity pants when not pregnant, chances are you'll like the Nomad Mom Diary. Catch up with her daily on Facebook and Twitter.

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