Let’s just put it all out there because I know that I’m not where my early 20’s self had imagined I’d be after turning 36.

I think in my 20s I assumed, by now, my kids would be in middle school, excelling on the soccer field, and I’d be one of those women who actually wear their yoga pants for cardio activity.

Spoiler alert: I’m not.

Three weeks into turning 36, I have accepted the startling realization that, while waiting to have kids has its perks, I am also the mid-30’s mama with an almost-2 year old and a wild 6 year old and sister, I. Am. Tired. Also, I’m old enough to be the mother of my high school students. Whhhhaaattt!?!

I spend wild Saturday nights catching up on laundry. I haven’t had time to read a book since after college, so I now understand why my mom used to rent audio books from the library. I have no yoga pants who’ve ever attended said exercise class. And I regularly count a glass of wine as a fruit for the day.

Other mamas in this same party boat, do we have a moral obligation to educate younger women about the stark reality that is your mid-30s? Am I the only one, or are other 30 something moms out there famous, fit, and killing it? Girl, that ain’t me.

I am just sitting in my bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night, binge watching Netflix and replaying the to-do list I didn’t finish today while my husband teases me about how Karen at Target is my best friend. “Excuse you. Karen is nice and she noticed my new haircut!”

Wherever you are in your 30s-navigating a new career, just planning your wedding, buying a home, or raising a tribe of gross, tiny weirdoes, we are all in this together. So, raise your Tervis cup of boxed wine to the hope that it gets better in our 40s!


Brynn Burger

I am a wife, a mama, a writer, a teacher, and a lover of all things outdoors. I live tiny, love big, and laugh always. I write because it is cheaper than therapy and everyone needs that funny firend to cut up with at 3am when their yoga paints are stained with nugget sauce and you just found the coffee you left in the microwave YESTERDAY. Catch me at www.TheMamaOnTheRocks.com. You’re welcome.

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