I’ve been accused of loving my baby boy (now four) more than my other two kids. 


Because I post more about him on Facebook than the others. It’s true. I do. But there is a really good reason for that.

My older two kids (9 and 7) can read. And they have specifically asked me not to talk about them, on Facebook I respect that. But my four year old has no skill in reading. Well–okay, he has some, but until he can tell me not to post about his potty-talk, he’s fair game.

Plus the youngest is, honestly, a total ham. He was made to be talked about. 

Do I have a favourite child? No. I don’t.

I was so lucky to have three extremely different kids; they all bring me unique traits to love and admire. 

My daughter is my only girl, so there’s that. We are a lot alike, which can cause friction, but I have her to be full of firsts with girly things.

My middle is the strong, silent type. He is my go-to when I need quiet and gentle moments. 

Our third and last is the wild child. He is loud, goofy and steals the spotlight. Does that get him more attention? 

Yes. But, when any of my kids have been four years old, they are likely to get extra attention because there is nothing better than four. 

I would admit, honestly, that there are moments when I get along better with one than the other two. It just depends on whether Mercury is in retrograde or not. The times I struggle most with any one of my children is when they are acting like a mini-me.

I can see myself in them, and this instinctively makes me nuts. This is when I need to hand them over to their dad, who obviously deals with me, and must therefore be a pro…and a saint. 

But no, I don’t have a  favourite. I love them all the same – just in different ways.

{This ‘Best of Blunt Moms’ post was first published in August 2014}


Angila has been writing since 1979 when she received her first diary, filling it with boy crazy nonsense and girly drama. It wasn't until the 21st century that she discovered writing was a healing tool to release inner chaos. When Facebook was invented Angila, who is an attention whore reveled in receiving likes and shares. Comments started pouring in that she should write a book. Knowing her lack of follow through and commitment issues, Angila ignored the advice and chose to blog. Detached From Logic is where she currently vomits her creative juices and allows the voices in her head a digital soap box. Her life long dream of having fans came when wordpress announced she had one follower. Unlike the stalkers in her life this one felt acceptable and welcomed.

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