Over at Parentdish Canada I shared five double standards between moms and dads. This is a list I have slowly been compiling since I became a parent. At Parentdish I talk about the double standards for moms and dad’s on things like the ‘Honey-Do list’, weekends away and running errands.

But I think this might be an ongoing list as my kids get older….here are a couple more I’m adding to my list:

Mom has packed the family’s luggage for a weekend away. As they get to their destination Mom lays out everyone’s clothing for the day and everyone gets dressed into their designated items. Dad doesn’t much question the style choices made for him. He has learned it is acceptable for a woman to dress her man, after all she knows best!
One time Dad was taking Mom out for dinner. She got dressed in a pink blouse and maxi skirt. Without thought Dad blurted, ‘Oh, you are wearing that?’ To which Mom retorted, ‘Well what do you WANT me to wear?!’. Dad can either voice his vote for the black cocktail dress or opt for the more socially acceptable retraction of, ‘Honestly, nothing but a smile, but you look wonderful in that and I can’t wait to stare at you all night’. It is assumed that all of a man’s fashion choices for his woman are based on an internal frat boy rating of ‘hot or not’ and that he better keep them to himself.

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