The boys are up to it again. Bonding together over a little sexual harassment. This time with a hashtag: #FHRITP. This time, live, interrupting women reporters who are in their zone of delivering news.

Women journalists, doing their job are being  heckled and chanted to with a bold, gone viral statement. Often spewed from the mouths of bottom feeders who find it amusing.

“F*ck Her Right In the P*ssy,” a five worded blurb spat out by laughing men who cower behind the reporter. They snicker, like toddlers just learning the word poop.

For obvious reasons (misogyny, harassment, illegal) it’s not funny to us.

Can we turn the tables around for a minute? Or not.

It’s not like we can start our own movement like #KHRITB (K*ck him right in the b*lls) and target male reporters, because that’s harassment and distasteful.

We can’t find these men until they show themselves (live on camera…not so smart) to us. Then and only then the reporter has a choice. To ignore, or #WTMOWS (W*sh Their Mouths Out with So*p.)

But even then, it’s not up to the victim to change rape culture, because that’s exactly what it is.
It’s the male camera man, or gentleman bystander that needs to #CHDAPHITT (Ch*se him down and p*nch him in the thro*t)

Unfortunately, as much as I want to see a female reporter tear her shirt off and reveal a Wonder Woman outfit, then lasso some idiots for lunch, I’d rather see the good men take charge and #DTH (drop the hammer.)

Even then, violence doesn’t answer to violence. It only creates more problems.

Too bad, because it would be awesome to #GHNAPH (Gr*b His Nuts and Pull H*rd.)

It has to be through education. And I know that sounds daunting, because the men who are committing this injustice are smiling, laughing and seriously thinking they’re funny. It’s one thing to teach a man that rape is wrong, but when they laugh it off, and casually drop it in the live air of news, it’s deeply entrenched.
We need #MTMC (Man to Man Conversations.) The good guys, the ones who get it, instead of standing by and shaming their brothers, need to sit down and have a serious pep talk about this behaviour. Really #DIRITB (Drill it Right in Their Brains.) Because the only way to change behaviour is to model a better one.


Angila has been writing since 1979 when she received her first diary, filling it with boy crazy nonsense and girly drama. It wasn't until the 21st century that she discovered writing was a healing tool to release inner chaos. When Facebook was invented Angila, who is an attention whore reveled in receiving likes and shares. Comments started pouring in that she should write a book. Knowing her lack of follow through and commitment issues, Angila ignored the advice and chose to blog. Detached From Logic is where she currently vomits her creative juices and allows the voices in her head a digital soap box. Her life long dream of having fans came when wordpress announced she had one follower. Unlike the stalkers in her life this one felt acceptable and welcomed.


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