Autumn is right around the corner. We are all eagerly awaiting bonfires, crisp air, falling leaves, and flannel shirts. But there is a significant dividing factor that pops up during this season. No, not election season, its pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin spice might be the most polarizing flavor of all time. You either love it or you’re not a self-loathing heathen and you understand how overrated and truly disgusting the flavor combination is.

Pumpkin spice has its place. That place is baked goods. Give me pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars, or pumpkin scones and we will have a life-long friendship based solely on carbohydrates.

Now, if pumpkin spice is introduced into a non-baked good like… oh I don’t know… freaking coffee, we’re going to have conflict.

The over manipulation of the palate that occurs when pumpkin spice is introduced to inappropriate food products is simply a marketing ploy that has been taken too far.

It’s hard to not imagine a boardroom full of rich assholes laughing about their profit margins while the world is being subjected to the idea that pumpkin spice is the general seasoning of Fall.

As we all settle in for the upcoming season let’s keep reality in check. Bonfires are good. Crisp air is good. Falling leaves are good. Flannel is good. Pumpkin spice in everything is bad.

This post originally appeared on Tired Not Dead.


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