My oldest son was just diagnosed with Influenza.  I did what all moms do.  I took care of him.
I’m not trying to be a martyr or anything.  I’m the mom.

I got very sick taking care of him.  I ached, I threw up, I cried, I fevered.
Okay.  That’s fine.  I’m the mom.

Five hours after throwing up I went out to unload the dishwasher just to fill it again.
I had a million red dots scattered all around my eyes.  Broken blood vessels from throwing up five hours before.
I’m not trying to be a martyr or anything.  I’m just the mom.

I looked around at all of the tainted blankets and un-sanitized doorknobs.  Wash and Lysol.
That’s okay.  I’m the mom.

I crawled back into bed.  Every one of my muscles ached.  But who would make dinner?  My husband wouldn’t do it.
I dragged myself out of bed once again.

I drove to the grocery store and gimped my way isle to aisle to find something I could make for dinner.
That’s okay.  Fine.  I’m the mom.

I boiled a chicken on low.  They would have chicken noodle soup that evening.

My youngest two came home coughing.  I ran to get more Tamiflu.
That’s okay. Fine….just fine.  I’m the mom.

I love being Mom.  I’m not trying to be a martyr.

But today I just needed to be a human being.  Not the mom.

But isn’t this what we signed up for?  No matter how sick, how tired, or how fevered; I’m the mom.


My name is Sarah Feldkamp.  I have three kids.  I teach school and am currently writing a fictional novel entitled the Blue Feathered Robin.  Otherwise, my writing portfolio includes unpublished children’s books with illustrations; and one published work entitled I’m the Mom (courtesy of Blunt Moms).  As a middle-aged woman who has spent much of my adulthood rearing children and working a traditional job, I have recently decided to take some time for my own dream which is to write.  “I’m the mom” will be my first published work; written at a great moment of exasperation and weakness. You can find me on scfeldkamps.


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