i love it whenEver dragged the kids out to go shopping on a long weekend, in the middle of the summer when it’s 35 degrees out. After managing to fight off all the crowds, survive the 30 minute wait in the checkout line and have everyone accounted for only to find that you left your wallet at home?

Happens all the time to you too huh? Here are a few more that may ring a bell.

I love it when…

… you check the cupboards and fridge to make sure that you have everything for your weekly shop and when you get home, you find out that the milk carton in the fridge is bone dry, the cereal box is empty and the cottage cheese has gone mouldy.

… my drapes match my carpet.

… my kid tells my neighbour that I trimmed my carpet yesterday.

… I get all the way to work and realize I put my bra on the outside of my shirt again.

… my kids finally go the fuck to sleep.

… I kill myself thinking up healthy dinners and making them by 5pm for the kids and then when they come home to Grandma, she gives them something else.

… I renovate the kitchen before putting it on the market and the first thing the listing agent says is “that kitchen has GOT TO GO!”

… my husband sets the clock for 6am knowing full well that he won’t be getting out of bed until 8am.

… I’m just about to orgasm and my kid taps me on the shoulder to ask if he can have another cookie.

… my BFF suggests that she’d be happier if our relationship looked more like an episode of
Sister Wives.

Have any of your own?

Note that this was a collaborative effort by several BluntMoms.


My name isn't really Samantha but I always wished it was. It has a nice ring to it don't you think. Better than Francine. Oops.


  1. Wahahahaha – haven’t done the bra outside the shirt before but the grocery store one rang too many bells over here to count. Nice work ladies!

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