I’ve spent many an hour guessing and Googling how to get weird and specific stains out of clothing. Things like baby poop. Or red wine. Or mustard. And let’s not forget the amount of time and arguing I’ve had with my husband trying to find The. Exact. Right. Cycle on the dryer to make sure I don’t shrink the sleeves of his manly man sweaters.

LG’s gone us one better. Now there’s an app for that! I’m not even kidding. Not only does this “Tag On” LG Smart Laundry App have a large array of stains and fabrics to scroll through, looking for the exact laundry conundrum that ails me, but once you select the scenario, you simply hold your phone next to the washer or dryer.

And… that’s it.

The Smart Wash app instructs the appliance exactly what to do, making sure all the settings are set correctly. It’s like some sort of crazy amazing black magic. No more guesswork, laundry fails, or shrunken fabrics to deal with. Look at how easy this is!

It makes it so easy, anybody can do the laundry right…. Even the significant other who once strategically turned an entire load of whites pink to try to get out of future laundry duties.



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