I’m no pro on parenting (especially as concluded by my clients)…But I have tried a lot of baby products over these past three and a half years. Confession time, when my first son was born I got to know my local postal workers too well. Related note, online shopping is so easy from your phone during midnight feedings! Which turns out, still counts as shopping to your credit card, just a heads up. 


Third baby in and I’ve noticed a few things that I go out of my way to replace or make sure I have on hand for baby time…..(Read On)


Her friends know her has their nerdy girlfriend who gets day drunk at ladies' lunches. Shawna gave up her career to be a stay at home mom to three kids under four. She is online sharing the questions she is asking around simple living, simple style and simple health. Candid about marriage ish, momfails and God's grace.

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