Yay! I get to leave this hell hole where the ice storm just killed most of my beautiful plants and trees,

Where I spent the last four days with no power and no water and freezing temperatures..

Where I had to sit in my car to charge my phone and get warm for 15 minutes every four hours or so.

Where the only relief was getting in bed with my pack under mounds of blankets and sleeping bags. Sorry you have to stay here, husband.

Before we left for the airport, we heard a United flight was dropping part of one of its engines over the Denver landscape. Still feels like 2020. I hate flying. Had to pee halfway to the airport. Hate to use the restrooms anywhere during this Covid nightmare.

Checked in & she asked if I wanted to upgrade to 1st class! For $59. Free baggage, free drinks, leg room, seat actually lays back- hell yes!!!! Used my credit card. Breathing easier, but still have to pee so badly. Oh wait, 1st class is full. Have to pee. Used my credit card to get charge reversed. It took forever while she got instructions from her supervisor. She printed credit & boarding pass. Walked through long line to check my bags. Looked at boarding pass.

Oh wait. It’s for the connecting flight. Out of line to get correct boarding pass. Back in line for bags. Walking to my gate & see Starbucks! It’s open! Ordered coffee.

Oh wait, no coffee today due to Ice Storm -boiling water order. Walk to the end of the earth to my gate. 7 minutes to board. 70% full my ass!!!!!! Found a good spot for my bag overhead. Moved bags over to make room for mine. Bent over to get my book out of it.

Oh wait. Someone took my spot. Young girl beside me won’t stop eating, moving, breathing. People behind me talking so much. My back is killing me – having to lean forward in my seat. Put my coat behind my back, feels sooooo much better! Too cold! Had to drape my coat over my shoulders, then someone walked down the aisle & hit my coat sleeve. Annoys me so much. Barely room to tuck my coat sleeve into this tiny freakin’ seat.

She’s moving again, eating again. My back is killing me. My eyes are burning. Calm down & breathe. Oh wait, I can’t! F’ing mask! Why is there a button on the arm of the seat?? It doesn’t move. Hit my arm with the cart.

Yes! Double scotch on the rocks, please. Oh we’re not serving alcohol on this flight. I am so close to crying. I don’t even drink scotch. Just needed something strong!

She’s touching me with her large arm. Got to pee right before I got to the gate. I am grateful. Hey, there’s bourbon vanilla in my United Airlines cookie! I can’t open it. She hit me with her knee.

My nerves are so raw. She’s breathing so loudly through her mask.

Oh wait. Her mask is around her neck. I have a headache. I’m cold & have to put my coat on. Can only get my aisle arm in the sleeve. No room to maneuver the other. I wonder if she can hear me eating my cookie. We’re only 1 hour & 12 minutes into this 4 hour flight…

Well, the flight is nearing its end. Maybe I had to regurgitate all that to make space for kindness to the young girl with the large arms. And, to make space for holding my new granddaughter❤️

About the author: Callie Liles, I’m a 71 year old grandma who lives in Galveston, Tx. My husband and I just made it through a year of Covid and then the apocalyptic ice storm hit Texas. Fortunately, I had planned my first flight to California to hold my eight month old granddaughter. This was exactly 2 weeks after my second vaccine.


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