“If you wait for inspiration to write, you’re a waiter not a writer.”

That ditty was in my Twitter feed this morning. I tweaked the original, and I think my version flows better. Take THAT, Dan Poynter.

I’ve had this tape playing in my head for the last few months and I can’t find the off switch. I’m starting to realize there is no off switch for fear. Fear is one of my permanent passengers. And while that might not ever stop being hard, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier when I stop letting it drive. So, this is me thanking fear, sending it back to its passenger seat, and taking back the wheel.


Dear Fear. . . .  CONTINUE READING 


Shannon has been writing on the web since 1998 when you could make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich before your page loaded. Her work has been featured in print and online and she blogs at truthfully.ca. There, Shannon writes about vulnerability, courage and mental health. Before content strategy, Shannon spent nine years leading classrooms of small humans.

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