Ok, so here’s the deal.

I got divorced, started writing a blog called The Truth Hurvitz….And now, I have a book on AMAZON called, One HappyDivorce- Hold the Bulls#!t!! Oh, and it’s already a best seller! Hoooray! 

If only it was that easy, right? I wish! I never thought writing a book could be SO difficult! It’s like birthing a freaking baby. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d rather birth another child. These last six months have been a total shit show. But I never gave up, not for one minute. Not when my family told me I should quit. Or when I was exhausted, up all hours of the night….never!  I felt like I had relatable stories that could help others. I had to write this book to spread my message: 

Just like a happy marriage takes effort; so does a happy divorce.

But it can be done!

See, I am lucky. My divorce is a happy one: my ex and I get along. Divorce doesn’t have to be a disaster, or destructive. If you put your egos aside, and your kids first…everyone wins! One Happy Divorce-Hold the Bullshit is a little slice of reality for anyone in a relationship, going through a divorce, or just curious about the process.

Here’s an excerpt from the book, enjoy!

Dating Isn’t Child’s Play

Scenario One: You’ve been dating a guy for six months. Ok, four months, three weeks, five days, and thirty minutes. But who’s counting? You think he’s great!

He’s funny — and smart. He calls when he’s supposed to, texts you goodnight and then good morning. He’s met your friends, and they like him! You’ve deleted the Tinder app. You think this is the real, drama-free relationship you’ve been seeking. But now the big question: 

 Should he meet the kids?

My stomach flipped. I actually felt a little nauseated. Remember me, your author? I’m getting over a big breakup where my boys met the guy? I can only go by experience. My own experiences. Look, we live and we learn and then we share what we think we have all figured out.

Are you ready? Listen up! 

The answer is….

Ohhhh….I’m not telling! Can’t give away all my secrets! You’ve got to buy the book to find out. And trust me, it’s not what you think! One Happy Divorce- Hold the Bulls#!t! is filled with helpful tidbits and successful tips on how to get through the divorce process with a good attitude, and a little humor. Look, I may not have gotten my marriage right, but I am certainly doing something right in this divorce, y’all! It’s working. My kids are thriving, my ex and I are parenting together, separately. And even our married friends are jealous of our relationship. Bam! 

Go on, grab my book! It’s available on AMAZON now! In stores on November 8th. 



Jennifer Hurvitz is the best selling author of the books, One Happy Divorce, and Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda: A Divorce Coach's Guide to Staying Married. Jennifer’s readers describe her as “raw and in-your-face” and they’re right! Catch her coaching others as the host of the popular Doing Divorce Right Podcast...a look at how to divorce happily and respectfully without destroying each other in the process. Find Jen on IG, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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