The parent tax, something that no one ever tells you about, but is very, very real. There are no concrete facts on exactly how much this tax runs on any given day, but it usually hits you hard, right when you don’t need it.

The parent tax.

It is the stomach flu the kids have after an amazing week with their grandparents while you and hubs were having your first holiday in 5 years. It is you battling jet lag while holding back your little one’s hair while all traces of your relaxing week and smell of romance are replaced by the stench of vomit and diarrhoea.

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A mom who knew there had to be more than an overwhelming suburban life filled with good jobs and soccer practices, Julie swept her family off onto a small island in BC to start over! Craving a life of fulfillment she blogs about facing fears and courageously going after your dreams! She believes that if you do something, you should do it fully: eat butter, sweat hard and laugh till you pee. Julie’s blog is filled with stories of how her family adapts and continues to strive for a fulfilled life… while enjoying a few perks along the way!

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