Nerdguy is a Computer Engineer, and once upon a time when I had brain cells I ran the network at an accounting firm.  So one would assume that we could competently run the equipment around here right?

Well, you know what they say about assuming.

I’m afraid that time has arrived.  (Or I think it has…I can’t tell you the actual time because I can no longer set my own watch.)  The time when we need our kids to show us how to use the computer, or work the TV arrived much sooner than either of us expected.  We knew it was coming, but we thought we still had time.  I mean, we’re dealing with people who still can’t manage to flush the toilet consistently.  What does that say about our level of functioning?

Molly is working on a school project, and she decided to do a presentation, using whatever the Google equivalent of Powerpoint is.  Because she uses a laptop at school, she was able to attend a free computer camp in the summer and over March Break, where she learned how to use the program.  Most of the programs that she uses are on the cloud, so she doesn’t need to bring her laptop home, but she was concerned about not having the “Snipping Tool” on the home computer.  I had never heard of it, and didn’t see it installed on my computer, so I shouted to Nerdguy about it.  After he unbunched himself from the protective fetal position that he instinctively curled into upon hearing “snipping tool” he gave a dismissive snort – “Never heard of it” – as if I was clearly making things up, or had forgotten the name for “scissors.”

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Tara is gainfully employed by the toughest 3 female bosses she has ever had (well except for that one accounting manager who hated her). The pay sucks, but the cuddles are awesome. She drinks a lot of coffee, uses humour as a defense mechanism, and lives in fear of what lurks in her backyard. Keep Tara company on her unfortunately-named blog Don’t Lick the Deck, where she talks about her husband Nerdguy; her 10 year old and twin 8 year old girls; parenting autism and ADHD; and her inability to shop without creating disaster. She is regular contributor to who have not yet filed a restraining order.

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