Morning Mojo

I don’t know about you but I love me some morning sex. Nothing like getting my day started with a great orgasm. I feel sexy, confident, and ready to face the day (and my teenagers).

Like many women, I lost myself in motherhood and six years of homeschooling my three girls. When I turned 40 I decided to take my life, labia, and livelihood back so that’s exactly what I did. 

I stopped homeschooling and marched those little darlings right into a private school where they’ll remain until graduation and so began my newfound hot mama journey.

My husband and I were FINE. We didn’t fight, argue, or fart in front of each other. But that’s just it. We were fine. Nothing more nothing less. That just wasn’t cutting it for this now forty-year-old housewife who couldn’t remember the last time she straddled her man on the counter, or anywhere for that matter. 

Where was the desire, lust, and attraction? I’ll tell you exactly where it was: at the bottom of the piles of dirty laundry, soccer gear, mail, and dog hair that pleaded for our daily attention. 

I was on a mission to find her and Eureka! She was still there. The sexy, semi-funny, and slightly quirky hot girl I fell in love with before I had children. 

Let’s say my hubby was more than happy to be reacquainted with her.

So back to the morning mojo. 

Once I started paying attention to and loving my body (vagina, labia, and all) I discovered I REALLY enjoy morning sex. I’m not exhausted after an endless day of errands, decisions, and refereeing my girls. 

Most mornings I can roll over and feel my way under the covers to a semi-hard cock so saves even more time. Hey…every second counts as a busy mom, am I right? I start the day off right, work up a good sweat (bonus points for cardio) and then proceed to put on my mom pants, start breakfast and morning routine, listen to my girls rant about the latest drama on our drive, and send them off with a really big smile. 

It’s a win-win for everyone. Except our dog. She has to wait a little longer for her morning pee. 

Life is freaking good on this side of forty and I’m not going back to the days of worn-out mom, NOgasms and putting my sex life on the back burner ANY time soon. There’s a new mom in town and she’s WAY more fun. I think I’ll keep her.


Ali is a woman, wife, and mom and Texan desperately seeking ways to keep her curls from frizzing. She lost herself in motherhood, homeschooling, and would later realize unaddressed trauma in her childhood and growing up with a narcissistic mother. Turning 40 and unable to remember the last time she laughed or took a REAL vacation sans kids lit a fire under Ali’s ass. She chose to take back HER life, make sex and intimacy a priority, and kick that people-pleasing shit to the curb. Yep. Life is MUCH more fun now for Ali.

 You can laugh, cry, and connect with Ali on Instagram and Facebook @AliHoustonTalks.


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