I’ve got two kids, both of whom are involved in various extracurricular activities, all of which revolve around sports. My eldest is in marching band so she plays at every varsity football game, and my youngest will sign up for anything and everything that’s made available to her – soccer, softball, cheerleading… you name it, she’s all over it like it’s made of chocolate.

Can I tell you a secret? One that I’ve never admitted to any of the parents with whom I’m forced to make uncomfortable smalltalk during practices and games?

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A lover of lapsang souchong tea, unnaturally-colored hair, and Oxford commas, Alison’s stories are written with a signature blend of humor and brutal honesty. She often jokes that she became a writer so she could speak to the masses without actually having to TALK to them face to face, but words are indeed her greatest strength. She revels in weaving them together to tell an entertaining story, rouse laughter, offer reassurance, provide sympathy, or just to give the world a piece of her mind.

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