I, like many of my fellow darker-haired gals of European descent, are “blessed” with being a little hairier then our fairer friends. Skipping a day between shaving is a no go, and you eagerly wait for the summer sun to naturally bleach your arm hair.

Then, there’s the eyebrow dilemma. When you sport unibrow before the age of ten, you quickly become adept at the finer art of browshaping. Plucking was a daily ritual. I don’t know how many tweezers I have purchased over the years, but let’s just say the amount spent has helped keep many a drug store in business.

Unlike many of my fellow bushy-browed ladies, I have never waxed. Honestly, I’m too much of a chicken to try it. Yeah, yeah I know I pushed out two kids, but that shit is hot and last time I checked there’s no epidural at the salon. I did try threading once, and found it unpleasant. Tweezing was the best choice for me.

I diligently tended to my brows daily, always struggling to achieve the perfect arch. It didn’t help having brows that were both thick AND curly. My efforts to rid the squiggly stragglers often resulted in an over-tweezed mess that thankfully my thick locks could mask.

I assumed there were only a few acceptable eyebrow shapes; all some variation of your standard arch. Then my world was turned upside down at the discovery of things like feather and barbed-wire brows. I barely have time to pluck a few stray hairs, and here we have women using gkue sticks to sculpt these unusual shapes. Granted, the feather trend was started as joke, but it still got legit coverage in the beauty media.

My eyebrows are a bit out of control these days. Tweezing has fallen way down on my list of grooming priorities. I used to glance at the hairy mess and sigh at how much I let myself go, but now, I think I will just wait until my unkempt eye fur becomes the hottest thing on Instagram. Suggested hashtags include:





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