Why have the media got it in for my hair?

I am over forty and apparently this means I should have it cut.

The shorter the better. And soon.

I am inundated with articles on “Top Hairstyles For The Over Forties.” Inspired by, wait for it, the best “tendencies.” What the hell does that even mean?

The tendency to thin? To fall out? To turn grey?

My hair sits just below my shoulders yet I am continually advised by so called “style writers,” to go for a bob. In fact, in the latest article, out of eighteen suggested “classy and elegant” styles, 5 were bobs.

There’s the short bob, the long bob, the layered bob, the blonde bob (oooo revelation) and the Victoria Beckham bob, which is clearly different from any other bob. Not.

My other options are the pixie, which also comes in short, long and layered. The short cropped, which is the same as a pixie. And finally, the lob, which to the naked eye, is a bob by any other name, unless it’s a wispy lob, which looks like a long pixie.


It’s simple. If you’re over forty you need to stick to “sassy feathered styles, full of texture, moderate volume and movement” because these will bring out your “character and active life stance.”

Honestly I think a bottle of Prosecco is more likely to bring out my character than subtle feathering.

Ok I don’t have a thick flowing mane of hair, but I have nice hair and I’ll be damned if I’m cutting it short to suit some preconditioned cultural beliefs about women and aging.

I have several friends who are years older than me and shamelessly sport  thick, long hair. I suspect there are plenty of other long lock lovers out there.

Which is probably why only 3 of the 18 pictures featured in the offending article were actually of women over forty.

One recommended “style” was “Heavy bangs” and a picture of Katy Perry…ah it must have been a slow day in the office for that writer.

As intelligent women, with a few decades worth of experience in teasing our tresses, do we really need to be told what to do with our hair?

What’s next? 15 turtlenecks for the over fifties?

Short be damned. I am staying long, luscious and indignant. My shoulder length swishy bits make me feel sexy and if anyone wants to mess with that I’ll be taking the scissors to their body parts.


Jacqueline Escolme is a Coach, Self-Help Author and Writer on Sassy Self-Preservation and Transformation for Women.

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  1. I think that back in the olden days, the older a woman got, the shorter her hair was expected to be. “Long hair is only for young maidens” sort of thing. Hell, my grandma always encouraged my mom to sport short hair (she wore it nearly waist-length when I was a kid) and she started getting on me about wearing short hair before I’d even turned 30! That isn’t to say that I haven’t lopped my hair off over the last ten years (I am now 42), but when I did, it was kinda out of necessity. (I killed my hair with bleach so I took a pair of clippers and gave myself a pixie cut that I dyed bright pink.)

    Needless to say, grandma loved the cut, but not the color.

    These days, I wear it shoulder length with wild curls and give or take a few inches in either direction, I’ll probably never change it. It’s my hair, I’ll do with it whatever I damn well please.

  2. My hair is long and purple and forty. If I ever cut it short, it will be a mohawk. 😉 Expectations be damned.

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