I am a capable mom.

If I say it enough times I will believe it.

Even more, if I put myself in situations that are tricky, or overwhelming, or tiring then I cannot doubt it because in this case success isn’t always doing it flawlessly but rather in simply doing it.

A buffalo-sized blind spot in my parenting was believing I am not capable.

I underestimated what I could take on as a mother and what my kids could endure or accomplish. I created an anxious atmosphere in the home where I would always say no to my husband. When he wanted some time away, to work overtime, or to run out for errands. If the kids weren’t napping I would say no. I wouldn’t cook certain things when I was alone with the kids because I had this notion that more dishes and complicated recipes had no privilidge in my day. I was too tied up being a mom. I would opt to stay inside rather than bundle up and get the kids out of the house. Chasing a curious baby, constantly removing small objects from her mouth, playing with an unstoppable toddler sounded too tiring for a tired mom.

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Her friends know her has their nerdy girlfriend who gets day drunk at ladies' lunches. Shawna gave up her career to be a stay at home mom to three kids under four. She is online sharing the questions she is asking around simple living, simple style and simple health. Candid about marriage ish, momfails and God's grace.

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