I know I’m going to get some serious female rage on this one. I can already hear you saying: “What? Children need their moms, and only moms can take care of the little ones, and without me there won’t be a single vegetable in the house”. It may all be true, but I still believe that dads are awesome and here’s why.

I am not sure if you noticed, but it’s so different when dad takes care of the kids. It’s beautiful, too. I don’t really know how they do it. When I put the children to bed, I spend 3 hours in there. I sing songs, tell stories, and do a handstand, three somersaults and an ice skating routine.

When he puts the children to bed, it goes like this: He walks them upstairs. He talks to them while they’re already in bed. 5 minutes later, he comes back downstairs and it’s quiet. I don’t go upstairs to check whether they’re really sleeping, out of fear that they’re not. I’m also not asking him how he does it because he’s probably going to shrug and say: “Oh, I just told them a story”. Very helpful, thank you very much.

This night I was woken up by a crying baby. Since he’s weaned off, I couldn’t offer him a boob. I tried hugging, singing, giving him a bottle and ignoring. The hugging part sort of worked except he only wanted to be held in one particular position that was totally and absolutely incompatible with the one particular position mom (that’s me) can actually sleep in.

So hearing my husband stir, I offered him the baby. Within 5 seconds, they both were sleeping soundly. In fact, each time I was too overwhelmed by the crying and unable to do anything, I passed the crying baby to my husband. And I kid you not, the crying stopped before I could say: “thank you so much for rescuing my life and the life of that precious baby”.

Not only that, on the few occasions I went on a Mommy Night Out, I came back home to a quiet albeit somewhat messy house. I didn’t care about the messy, but I loved the quiet.  

I don’t know why I’m doing it, but in group discussions and arguments, I tend to pick a side that is not my own. So maybe it is no wonder that when moms complain about their husbands, I sometimes pick the husband’s side. I may do it quietly because my life is dear to me, and if he’s a jerk I will want to kick his balls so hard, but is it really so important that clothes be folded and everything at the right place? What evil will happen if the children eat no veggies for a day or two? I don’t think anything will happen other than the children will get some daddy time, have fun and learn to appreciate you even more.

Because when you come home, they will be happy to have some kind of routine back. Your nagging will make them realize how much they missed you and maybe, just maybe they will eat a carrot or a tomato for a change.


Olga is a Polish woman, living in the Netherlands with her German husband and three children. On her blog, she writes about the challenges and wonders of the expat life, but on BLUNTmoms, you will read her musings on parenting, people and life in general.


  1. I love it. I’ve had the same experience… dad magic is mystical and defies all laws of physics. It’s not to be messed with. xxx+o

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