While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. 
She is a total introvert.
I wish I could have been a little more firm in my opinions at her age.  I love that she isn’t following the popular trail of some of her peers. This girl is forging her own way and I really dig it.  
Does your kid march to the beat of her own drum? See if you can relate – read on at The Dalai Mama

Jessica is a wannabe urban homesteader, living in Portland with her blended family of 4 kids, 3 rescue dogs and 4 chickens named after Starbucks drinks. A former pharmacy student, Jessica decided she like baking better than drugs so went to pastry school instead. Described by her friend as a "Feminist Jedi Master", Jessica can be found spreading 'peace and wisdom' over at her blog, The Dalai Mama, at www.travelingmercies-jessica.blogspot.com

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