This Valentine’s day, let’s celebrate our divorced friends.

Let’s celebrate our girlfriends that had the lady balls to leave their husbands and marriages that no longer served them. They are the ones who are reminding us that it takes a lot of work to make the marriage train keep on rollin’. They are the ones who have experienced first hand what it’s like when therapy doesn’t work. And how devastating it is when it turns out to not be the silver bullet you had hoped for.

These are women who have corrected men who believed that they really didn’t have to do much to get laid after marriage… because they bought the cow, amirite? Yea, no. It’s 2020 and no woman needs to have sex if they don’t want to. Yup, even wives. Consent is consent and if you are just laying there out of duty and obligation it inherently means there is no consent. You know who taught me that? Divorced women. They figured out that being sexually incompatible is a fair reason to leave. As is being unhappy, feeling trapped, controlled, etc. All fair game! Women’s lives matter more now than at any time in our country’s history so it makes sense for women to actually capitalize on that.

Freedom is freedom! Love is love and falling out of love is real. Anxiety and depression are a BITCH and happiness is really important. And you know what else? Our kids need us to be happy and healthy, they need us to role model good relationship behavior and what love should look like.

Our children do not need to grow up seeing marriage as an obligation or a mandatory experience if it’s not a good fit. Having daughters myself, I love that they have my happily divorced friends to show them that no matter what, their life is theirs to lead and girls are fine all on their own, regardless of what society may indoctrinate them into believing.

I guess what I am trying to say is, to all my divorced sisters out there – thank you for your courage and strength, I have learned so much from you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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