Would you believe me if I told you that these two spoons are hummus made from the same recipe? It’s true. Except, the one on the right has one tiny little secret ingredient.

Oh hummus, one of the most popular things in the world to snack on, but so seldom made from scratch here in North America. Such a shame. Store bought hummus is so meh. And expensive.

And yet, to judge by my friends’ habits, hummus is bought approximately 110,000 times as often as they make it fresh. Why? Because texture problems.

But I can tell you how to fix it with one ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen. Read on… 


Anne usually speaks in memes and SAT words, and she frequently attempts to explain the laws of physics and high school chemistry according to the kitchen via her home blog FoodRetro. If you want to know why ice melts or pretzels turn brown, and you want to make food that you never imagined could be made from scratch in the process, she's your blogger. Her friends describe her as "hilarious when you get to know her," but it could be that they are just amused by the way she gets riled up when reading the paper. She can also be found playing the part of community editor and grammar nazi here on BLUNTmoms.

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