Today marks a year since your children were senselessly taken from you in the tragedy at Sandy Hook. The burden you carry is unimaginable and the Mothers here on Blunt Moms wanted to speak publicly to you – the parents who lost their loves.

There will be many who find a way to use this tragic event to further their own agendas. We hear the braying of the people who would make your loss the point of their story. We hope you can ignore them, and assure you that we will.

Once a human has a child, there is no describing the love, so it follows that there are no words to encapsulate the depth of the loss. We know there is no true healing, there is only moving forward with what strength you can find.

Parents of Sandy Hook: we will light candles for your little ones, sending you strength and loving support at this time, and for the rest of your days.  We have no words or deeds which could truly help you in this journey, but as Mothers, we stand with you.  You have friends in places you don’t even know.

May your heart find comfort for the love it held.


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  1. You made me well up with tears. I can only imagine what the mothers of Sandy Hook would feel, knowing they have the support of so many other mothers.

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