Did you hear?  Somebody named their baby girl #Hashtag.

That’s Hashtag with a hashtag in front of it.

And they announced it on Facebook.  Why not tweet it? Good thing these twits didn’t name her Twitter. At least it’ll be easy for her to sign her name.

Reminds me of the Egyptian man who named his daughter Facebook in a feeble attempt at homage following the social media outlet’s role in Egypt’s revolution. He should’ve just named her Revolution and saved her years of frustrating litigation over trademark infringement. Couldn’t he have just sent a thank you note? Maybe posted a really gracious status line?

Look, I’m far from stodgy. My kids’ names are interesting, (Max & Miles) and getting more common. But some of the names people are choosing to lay on their kids for life are just nuts. Go to your refrigerator right now and grab your child’s class list off the front door and skim it. How many names make you snicker?  C’mon…be honest. I’m not going to give any examples from my list just in case you’ve just called your own little Jax to the dinner table. But seriously, you have to admit there’s at least one name there that came straight from Days Of Our Lives or some shit.

People naming their kids after Kardashians. Cut that shit out!

Celebrities have got us beat yet again.  It takes balls of steel to conjure this absurdity. They are unencumbered by convention, living on sheer whim and narcissistic douchebaggery as they name human beings things I’m not sure I’d call my puppy.

Here are some of my favorites.

Frank and Gail Zappa were perhaps the Mothers of Invention when it came to the art of naming kids crazy shit. (See what I did there?) Their daughter Diva’s middle name is Thin Muffin. Sounds like a porn star with clitoral issues.

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni named their kid, Kyd. What a cop-out. What happens when Kyd is 18? Does he have it legally changed to Adult?

If Hashtag and Facebook represent the tech world, they’re in good company withGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have Suri (close enough) and yes, someone has actually named their offspring Siri.  That kid’s iPhone is gonna be more confused than ours.

The Jacksons score the blue ribbon for weird. Michael wins with Blanket, and brother Jermaine named his son Jermajesty.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale named their first child Kingston. Pretty cool. But baby number two is Zuma Nesta Rock. Sounds like clear beer meets Nestea with a genre. At least it’s got rhythmn. Zuma Nesta Rock.  Say it three times. I dare you to resist clicking your fingers and shaking your booty.

How about Jason Lee‘s son Pilot Inspektor? That crazy fuck put a “K” in there. What was he thinking?

Or Sly Stallone‘s kid Sage Moonblood?  “You drew first Moonblood, not me”?

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are a veritable cottage industry of loopy names.  He claims it’s all her mind wizardry. With names like Poppy Honey Rosie, Buddy Bear Maurice, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow, all I’m saying is…I’d just like some of whatever she’s snorting. I love how the third names are actual names.  Why bother? And Petal Blossom Rainbow is just altogether screwed. She’s gonna shit unicorns her whole life.

Penn Jillette named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter. Actually, I’m not surprised that Jillette named his kid something weird.  What surprises me more is that he has a kid.

Remember David “Puck” Rainey from one of the early seasons of  MTV’s The Real World? Bogart Che Peyote sounds like something he uttered in Spanish to the guy next to him in the peyote tent at a Rainbow Gathering.

Singer Erykah Badu named her kids Seven and Mars Merkaba. Little Mars has it bad enough, but when George Costanza finds out she stole his name “Seven”, there’s gonna be a whole lotta trouble, Jerry!

Bob Geldof and his bride came up with Fifi Trixibell. Their daughter should enjoy going through life as a poodle.

And actress Rachel Griffiths came from the maternity ward with little Banjo on her knee.

I think what bothers me about the whole weird baby name thing is that none of the people who named their kids things like Lizard Lips ever bothered to have their own rather ordinary names changed. They simply see their children as an extension of themselves, assigning names to them befitting their own whimsical natures. Who knows who those kids are going to grow up to be or what their natural inclinations will wind up being. Does the kid really need to be saddled with Zycam Blitzkrieg when all they want to be is an Estate Attorney?

(This post originally ran on Elleroy Was Here.)

About the author: Linda Roy is the wisecracking writer/musician behind the humor blog elleroy was here. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two boys who swear she’s the female Larry David. A 2014 BlogHer Voice of the Year for Humor, she is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Humor Outcasts. Her work has been featured on numerous websites, including Scary Mommy, In the Powder Room, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and BlogHer. She is co-author of several anthologies, including I STILL Just Want To Pee AloneSurviving Mental Illness Through Humor, The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets, and Clash of the Couples. Kvetch with her on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+Instagram and laugh at her musicomedy on YouTube. No wonder her family is always running out of clean underwear.


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  1. Buddy Bear. Oh, lord. That poor child is going to get a wedgie. But, I am on the fence about Poppy. It’s lovely, but also really close to Poopy. Maybe we should all stick to the classics.

    • Good point. Hadn’t thought about the Poopy thing. You know that would happen. I’m with you on the classics.

  2. The rest of Bob and Paula’s daughters didn’t fare so well either–Peaches Honeyblossom and and Little Pixie. And then Paula had another daughter Tiger Lily. You wonder what the hell they would have named boys. How much worse could it get?

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why some of these idiots are allowed to procreate….

  4. i once knew an attorney whose maiden name was Candy Barr. She was married, but still used her maiden name as a middle name professionally, rather than just using the initial, so she must like it. Maybe a conversation starter. My middle name is Holden, which is a family name. It was fine when I lived in America. Now, I’ve moved to Australia, and Holden a car manufacturer. Basically, it’s like being named “Chevy”. I still wanted to give my son the same middle name, but my husband forbade it. I recently saw Holden on a list of Australia’s most “bogan” names (bogan is more or less the opposite of classy), along with Jaxon and similar.

  5. I gotta thing about names, so I love this. I’m gonna put up my old post and see what you think.

  6. As soon as I saw Max and Miles, I knew this was a Linda Roy post. 🙂

    Most of the time you just see weird celebrity baby LISTS. This was sooo much better with your witty commentary, Linda!

  7. Dead on.. And there I was, feeling kind of quirky for naming our daughters Lily and Violet. Talked about weird names to a colleague today, and she knows a girl named Joyce Elektra (here in Germany!!!). Poor, poor, poor child!

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