It all began with herb and spice bags.

I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about. The semi-bulk bags you get from the grocery store? If you have only three, they’re no big deal. When you have five of them, they start becoming a nuisance. When you become a food blogger, they breed like viruses, start becoming self-aware, and begin to plot world domination.

When I was heavily pregnant with DS, DH and I watched “Chef at Home” like our lives depended on it. And while I coveted his ginormous TV pantry, which was approximately the same size as my kitchen at the time, I scoffed at all the things in the mason jars as a cutesy waste of space. You see, when you’re an extremely busy, 9 month pregnant working lady with an apartment kitchen, you become a gourmet chef using just the ol S&P, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning.

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Anne usually speaks in memes and SAT words, and she frequently attempts to explain the laws of physics and high school chemistry according to the kitchen via her home blog FoodRetro. If you want to know why ice melts or pretzels turn brown, and you want to make food that you never imagined could be made from scratch in the process, she's your blogger. Her friends describe her as "hilarious when you get to know her," but it could be that they are just amused by the way she gets riled up when reading the paper. She can also be found playing the part of community editor and grammar nazi here on BLUNTmoms.

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