The roles of heros and distressed damsels

Sometimes when I’m watching Puss and Boots I imagine it as an adult-oriented blockbuster. The story line would be your token over-skilled loner woman saving the world (America) with an honourable hero who undoubtedly falls in love with this exceptional bombshell. I would scoff at the starlet’s unnecessary boob scene and glare at my husband until he states out loud that he acknowledges the over use of bronzer and eyelash extensions involved in this woman’s constant state of sexiness. “It’s absurd and unnatural Honey, I agree. You know I prefer my women pale with bags under their eyes. That’s why we’re Soulmates!!”

Then I would go back to my kid’s movie. I can see the parallel story lines. My son and daughter are already learning Hollywood’s assigned roles to men and women. The roles of heros and distressed damsels.

I recently watched a very interesting TedTalks on this, called How Movies Teach Manhood. If you haven’t checked out TedTalks, you should. They are short, on interesting topics and will make you feel 86.9% smarter. Yup, I learned that number trick thingy from watching a TedTalks.

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