We all share stuff… but my family? We share EVERY-thing. I truly find it hard to keep things to myself–gifts, surprises or what I ate for lunch.

It’s been said many times that we live in a sharing time, posting everything from our cat poop pics to how we see the same weather everyone else does (Holy Snow!!).

One day, I was excitedly telling  my own story to a friend  of how big my three children were when born.

The birth weights were in order as follows: 9 lbs 10z, 10 lbs 6oz, and 10 lbs 13 oz.

…OK, really, it was 11 lbs.

I birthed them vaginally (no sticker for my chart please… ALL birthing is hard no matter how baby exits your bodyIn fact, any baby of any weight is a challenge to carry on the inside, outside and/or birth. This is my story. About me. I am no better a birther than anyone. Enough disclaimer here???)

I used to be quite fine with these details – even put it on Facebook, scrap-booked, news-papered. Shared it. Normal. Until my friend disclosed that they’d had a large baby and wouldn’t reveal the weight. Private messaged only. I couldn’t believe it… why??

And then it hit me.

My God.

When people are giving me that “in awe” look, they are actually jaw-dropping.

It’s not them thinking my baby was too big or chubby, cause all babies are adorable. They were envisioning my vagina at work. 

OH God, the horror!

They were thinking: How big can it be??

They wish I was saying triplets added up to 11 pounds. Not a single baby. Not a one-shot deal.

Can vaginas do that? Is it humane? Can I still be friends with her? Did it go back to regular size???

I discovered a new fine line. We can share up to 8 lbs or maybe even up to 9 lb birth weights. But are we ready for people to know our vagina can push out more than a bag of potatoes? Are we evolved enough as a society to acknowledge a wide-load birthing tunnel??

I don’t know.

I always felt like a superhero after birthing. All that adrenaline. But when the midwives told me how big the kids were, even I was taken aback. And honestly, when you watch the video so were they.

I didn’t want to know my body could open up that wide.

I also knew third baby at 11 lbs was the last, as they had been progressively getting bigger. I knew if we were to go again, the next child could get me news coverage.

A bald eagle weighs 12 lbs. Even my super-vagina can’t cope with that wingspan. This vagina is retired.


Angila has been writing since 1979 when she received her first diary, filling it with boy crazy nonsense and girly drama. It wasn't until the 21st century that she discovered writing was a healing tool to release inner chaos. When Facebook was invented Angila, who is an attention whore reveled in receiving likes and shares. Comments started pouring in that she should write a book. Knowing her lack of follow through and commitment issues, Angila ignored the advice and chose to blog. Detached From Logic is where she currently vomits her creative juices and allows the voices in her head a digital soap box. Her life long dream of having fans came when wordpress announced she had one follower. Unlike the stalkers in her life this one felt acceptable and welcomed.


  1. Wear it like a badge of honor! My first was 10 lbs 1 oz. I just tell people the gas is amazing stuff! Honestly, He was my easiest delivery, the smaller ones each had complications that made them more difficult. Size nothing! Try delivering a baby with no fluid left, no lubrication! Now THAT is a feat!

  2. I will never forget when my second was born and the thought that went thru my head at his size. It was over 9 lbs. My first was just over 6. I knew then, I was done for sure. There was no way I was gonna carry and then birth 12 pounds of baby. I’m 5’2″. I can totally relate to your response!

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