Since I’m a mom now, it’s inevitable to have mom friends. We moved over six months ago to a different country and life was pretty overwhelming. I was juggling two under two and about to lose my friggin mind; top it off with the stressors of life and I was a mess. Thankfully, the community around me is saturated with other moms who are just like me—frazzled and way too tired to function.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some AMAZING women during this motherhood journey that I’m on and I’d have to say—it feels good knowing that I’m not alone in feeling crazy or about to lose all of my damn marbles. Other moms get that.
I’ve met different types of moms from all walks of life; of different race, creed, religion and age and each mom is unique and beautiful in her own, special way.  Each person in my life leaves me with a lesson, if you will, and ultimately makes me a better person… a better mother. And I feel like this is especially true for my “older” mom friends.

I write “older” because to me, forty isn’t old. Sure, it’s older than me, but it’s not old. However, when it comes to having babies and raising tiny humans, anything past 35 seems ancient in today’s society—but really, these women are fucking powerhouses.
Here’s a few reasons why I gravitate towards having “older” mom friends.

They are patient
These women are filled with patience and I am so envious. I’m in awe at how calm and rational my dear friend is while her toddler is having an epic meltdown; I, on the other hand, get too frazzled and embarrassed.

They hate drama
My “older” mom friends are kickass because they hate petty drama. They don’t want to waste their time around negativity or something that doesn’t fulfill them—and I GET that. They’ve grown up from the high-school petty drama that women my own age still haven’t learned to let go of.

They are straight shooters
I know what to expect from my “older” friends. They are straight to the point with me because they’ve learned that they don’t like wasting their own time and also mine. That is something I value and appreciate.

They don’t need to be impressed
Sometimes, I don’t know quite where to stand with women my own age.  I can feel overwhelmed with trying to “fit-in”, seem cool, or to keep up with the latest trends. With my “older” friends, they don’t give two craps about that nonsense…and that’s so refreshing!

Which will bring me to my next reason…
They are completely comfortable with themselves
They reached the age where they’ve learned to be totally and completely confident in their own skin; they wear what they want to wear and say what they want to say. I have to admit– being around that sense of confidence can rub off on a person.

They are positive role-models
I look up to my “older” mom friends way more than women younger or the same age as me. I value them more. And I want to be the kind of mother that they are.

They’re filled with wisdom
They’ve been on the Earth a little longer than me so they have more experience. From each friend, I can take away a life lesson—martial, health, parenting; these women are so insightful.

These women are the best for my soul. They give me a friendship that I never know I needed. They are real, strong, and some of the best moms I’ve come to know.

Find yourself an “older” mom friend…they’re cooler than you think.

Hey I’m Laura…. I live in Germany…it’s pretty neat here but I miss Target and general tso’s chicken. I’m a mom to two very energetic little boys that consume all my time and energy…not to mention sanity. I write at & you can find me on facebook at I’ve been featured in Scary Mommy and BluntMoms, and The Mighty. I enjoy adult conversation over some coffee or wine.


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