mom jeansI’ve become THE MOM.

Sometimes in my head I still think I am 20 years old.  Until I am around a 20 year old and I think THANK GOD I am not 20.

The other day I had my teenage neighbor at the store with me.  I so badly wanted to be the cool friend that just happens to be a mom.  When a red mini van pulls onto the road, narrowly missing my white minivan and I yell out STUPID TEENAGER.

Then laugh at what a mom I sound like.

10 minutes later we happen upon the clothes section at walmart.  Everything she chose as something cute I inwardly cringed at.  She was very polite in saying how ‘cute’ my swimsuit choices were.  Then I asked if it looked like a mom suit, and she said yes.

I am buying mom jeans hiked up high, so I can look how I feel.


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  1. I live in mom jeans. And regularly discuss bran products and yell “Get off my lawn” randomly to myself. Actually I think I skipped the mom stage and moved right into the golden years. Crap.

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